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What choices are included in Chongqing Choice Day

Chongqing Jiji Day includes the opening of Jiji, the marriage of Jiji, the appearance of Jiji, and the move of Jiji. These are very important points of time. Therefore, people all want to have a good good day. More and more people are beginning to focus on Jiji's fortune. influences.

Ancient Cloud: The weather is out of season, and the sun and moon are dark. When the land is out of place, everything is not born. When the water is out of season, the wind and waves are still. When people are out of date, there is no way to make a profit. When the ghost is out of season, the hell is not over. When God is out of place, he is not effective. The philosophy of choosing a date has been performed since Zhou Yi. It has a profound and long-term way of choosing the sun, which is to benefit people and avoid harm.

Burial Scripture: "The sky is coming, the Tibetan gods are together, and the gods are welcoming the ghosts." Shuyun: The two meanings of Kanyu are linked together. In the first year, we will be blessed with heaven and earth. This shows the importance of choosing a day. More than choice in the world is a matter of choice, and every Jialongmei point can not be blessed and cause harm. Therefore, there are auspicious places for burial, and the scourge is named first.

Choosing a lucky day in Chongqing is a traditional custom of our Chinese nation. From the beginning of the Fuxi family, we have summarized various activities in the world based on astronomy and geography to sum up the best time and space points for its actions. The specific method is based on the Ganzhi calendar, and the notes are based on the Eight Diagrams, Nine Stars, Twenty-eight Places, Twelve Straights, Liuyao, Tiangan, Dizhi, Five Elements, and the system of the year, month, day, and hour, combined with the parties' The eight-character birthday is used to make calculations to determine whether the time and position of what it does are auspicious.

【Open for business】

The so-called “choosing business” refers to choosing a lucky day for the first time for an operating company to open doors and customers, so as to achieve the purpose of avoiding evil, prosperous business and prosperous business. Everything is difficult at the beginning, choose an auspicious day to start business, and then the operation will be smooth and the financial resources will roll in. Different business sites will produce different feng shui energy fields. These different energy fields will have obvious or fortunate effects on the business sites. Some may not see any impact at that time. The arrival of a good feng shui environment can greatly improve people's overall fortune, career success, business prosperity, health, disaster relief and refuge ... Why do some people earn a lot of money but can't keep it? Why do some people always feel that what they do is not smooth, and their careers are often confronted by villains, which are blocked, crisis-ridden, and difficult ... In fact, in the final analysis, it is the influence of the Fengshui energy field on people. Is the last word!

【Marry and choose Jiji】

As the saying goes: "Three joys in life, when the Golden List is nominated, the Dongfang Huadengye night, other villages know the old days", marriage is a major event in a person's life. However, the way to marry is to grow old together, to prosper, and to celebrate the marriage of the couple after marriage. The catastrophe, the pregnancies, and the lack of children are all related to choosing the day of the year. The quality of the wedding day is not only related to the success of the happy event, but also related to the health, safety, luck of the family and friends, and even the weather conditions of the day. If you do not choose a good life for the wedding day, it may bring disadvantages to the parties and the people attending the wedding, and it is more likely to affect the future marriage feelings of the two people, so you must be cautious.

【Travel selection】

Qianli Pingdao Road is the auspicious uppermost level. It is an important thing and a more complicated thing for a car to be happy, wealthy, and wealthy to travel. There is one thing to do in Chongqing to choose the sunrise. There is a goal. There are going abroad to study, going to Beijing to take the exam, going to the office, going abroad to do business, going out for business, going out to work, visiting friends abroad, going out for investment, going out for a blind date, going out for travel, etc.! There are those who go abroad, some who go out of the province, and some who have passed the Qianjiang Bridge , There have been the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, etc.! The roads come and go, the market is bustling, there are divergent opinions, each has its own prosperity, everything has its own master, everyone creates things from east to south. Re-discussing the choice of the day and the choice of luck. Successful people choose a day, have great ambitions, visit the virtue and accept virtue with righteousness, make good friends, have good sense of friends, and create a successful career. The loser chooses a day, his ambition is unclear, he seeks the small with ordinary people avoiding virtue, there are no good friends, no good conspiracy. Choosing Jiji must complement the time, the geographical position, the harmony of the people, and help the success of the king's career.


Home is a warm nest of love, and home is a haven of rest. In life, any family must experience the joy of housewarming. From furniture to sundries, large and small, all need to be properly arranged and taken care of. Moving is not only a laborious matter, but also a heavy lifting related to the safety and happiness of the whole family in the future. If it is not handled carefully, it is likely to bring certain negative effects. Happy moving to a new home is to adapt to a new environment, a new home feng shui, choose an appropriate day, you can reduce the impact of those unlucky breath, let the family integrate into the new home as soon as possible, and the momentum of the new home feng shui is growing, this is also a choice The significance of the day. So be sure to ask a professional teacher to choose a lucky day that is suitable for your housewarming according to the birthday of the host Fudong and the main family members.