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The Influence of Chongqing Yinzhai Fengshui on Fortune

Chongqing Yinzhai Fengshui has a great influence on the fortunes of future generations. The Fengshui in Yinzhai is actually the fengshui of the cemetery. For future generations, it is important to believe that a good Fengshui has an important impact on the luck of the family. , Is very important for the benefit of future generations.

Chongqing Yinzhai Fengshui, commonly known as the tomb, is a place where ancestors can rest for a long time, so it is called Yin House. The ancients believed that burying their ancestors in the wonderful harbinger of feng shui would bring happiness to future generations. On the contrary, if the feng shui omens are not good, future generations will get nowhere, bad luck will continue, and the family will break down. Now, many children in our family have poor grades in school or are always ill, so they come to the cemetery to watch Feng Shui and move the tomb. This shows that there are still more people in modern times who believe in Fengjian Water Township. The feng shui omens of the yin house are related to the destiny of our family, that is, to the development, wealth and wealth of future generations. The conditions and topography around the cemetery will also affect the inscriptions, coffins, and gold urns, and thus the offspring of the deceased. According to Master Li Jizhong ’s experience, a good terrain is not in a hurry, the shape of holes and stars is good, the earth is yellow, the water line is clearly separated (good drainage), and the tomb construction method is appropriate (including shape and material). Golden well method, burial depth, soil quality and stacking method, types of tomb grass and sowing method. The hall is flat and straight, the court and the court are uneven. The hills on the left and right (including buildings and ground objects) are similar in size to the site.

Chongqing Yinzhai Fengshui will bring fortune to future generations. This is a blessing or curse that can be seen in the danger of the cemetery. Mountain terrain is often dangerous. The cemetery should check the beginning and end of the dragon and choose its exuberant burial site. The so-called "auxiliary" refers to the dragon's winding and fear of loneliness, so the dragon's winding needs dragon protection. In order to avoid its damage, the shallow veins will ride on it, the deep veins will be buried deep, and it will catch fire. The excavation is connected with veined gas to consolidate the dragon vein. Take the Jinhe River, take the land and India, hide the eight winds, and add five elements. There are the virtues of East and West in heaven, and the yin and yang are reconciled. Therefore, gentlemen strive to change nature and change fate. The scripture says: The skills of work are good, and labor is powerful. Wisdom is delicate. Similar to each other, Yuan Tongyin and Yang. This is a prime burial mountain. Just like heaven. The upcoming dragon is like a wave, like a running horse, and when it is like Mercedes-Benz, it is unstoppable. It stopped like a zombie. Like Wanbao and swallows, like a graceful Zhai, like a pouch drum, this is the metaphor of inhalation. Things like objects are metaphorical scenes. It symbolizes the opening of the Ming and Tang Dynasties, tumbling like a dragon, curling up like a bird like a beast, with the dignity of the emperor.

In fact, the trees in the Feng Shui Cemetery in Chongqing's Yinzhai cemetery are good, and it is also possible to plant trees behind the cemetery. But if you do n’t know the knowledge of Feng Shui and plant trees directly on the grave, it ’s not good. Let's take a look at ancient tombs, or yang houses, etc. What kind of tree can be planted in the grave? Planting trees around the cemetery means that generals protect each other and future generations can fly to the top of the world. Everyone wants his ancestral grave Feng Shui to be great. As a descendant, it can be sheltered by ancestors. But some cemeteries have bad feng shui, weeds or trees, what should we do? Please do not blindly adjust according to your own ideas, and ask professionals to investigate carefully to find the best way to adjust Feng Shui to benefit future generations.