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Chongqing should choose what to follow

Choosing a lucky day in Chongqing is very important for opening a business, getting married, and moving. Choosing a good time to hold a major event will not only be smooth, but also has an important impact on future luck. The method of choosing a lucky day is also a factor that affects good luck.

Chongqing Choi Ji Day is about choosing the right day, the right time and the right direction to avoid evil. The locals choose auspicious marriage, earth moving, relocation, cooking, burial, and travel (see related chapters above). When choosing auspicious days, we especially pursue "Auspicious Days of the Zodiac". In the past, astronomers believed that Qinglong, Mingtang, Jindan, Tiande, Yutang, and Shimin were all lucky gods. Six days on duty, everything is fine, don't avoid risks, so it is called "Zodiac Day." The choice of luck is usually presumed by "Mr. Yin and Yang". Most literate people have almanacs and check their luck on their own. Some people are superstitious about the "Zodiac signs" and "Mafia" and would rather make mistakes than avoid them. Today, the emphasis on luck selection is not as complicated as it used to be, but there is still a market.

Chongqing's way of choosing auspicious days is a good way to avoid it. However, when laying a 10,000-year book, everything is longitude and God is latitude; when choosing auspicious days, God is the target and material is the outline. However, the conditions for selecting the date are: the emperor's book, the folk book, and the general book in the Qing Dynasty. In this case, it should be avoided, and annotated according to the order of events, combined with the date of birth and other conditions of the parties. The weight can be distinguished. The festival day is suitable for the festival day, such as Tiande, Yuede, Tiandehe, Yuedehe, Tiangong, Tianyuan, Yueen, Sixiang, Shide, Tianwu, Kaida, protection, resurrection, Sacred Heart, Yi Heng, succession day. Sacrifice and choose a day to avoid the day. 2. Pray good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck. Pray good luck to avoid the construction of the moon, the rupture of the moon, the weekdays, the harvest days, the robbery, the shaking of the moon, the punishment of this month, the injury of this month, the boredom of this month, the major moments, the disaster of travel , Official paradise and four deserted days.

Chongqing Jiji Day should be: take things as the longitude, take gods as the latitude, take gods as the purpose, and take objects as the outline. The White Tiger, Heaven Penalty, Suyuan, Heavenly Prison, Basalt, and Ditch in the Yellow Calendar are the evil days of the six mafia. The Green Dragon, Tiande, Yutang, Shiming, Mingtang, and Jinshi in the Yellow Calendar are the six zodiac signs Auspicious day. In the almanac, the ex-date, insurance day, fixed day, holding day, full day, and opening day are lucky days; in the almanac, construction day, full day, working day, rest day, closed day, closed day are dangerous day. For your convenience, we provide professional horoscope marriage, marriage, moving, caesarean section, renaming, feng shui sign conditioning, etc. Therefore, when it comes to projects, shops, marriage, funerals, and travel, choosing a good day is very welcome. We only want a happy result. The custom of choosing ji is a traditional culture with a long history in China. It has a wide range of cultural connotations, which has attracted our attention and research.