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Taboo in Chongqing Home Furnishing

Chongqing home feng shui is an important factor that affects the luck of the owner. Feng Shui said that it has been practiced in China for thousands of years. Placement.

Chongqing home feng shui is a landscape of feng shui in the practice of feng shui. Now let's take a look at how the ancient feng shui omen focused on the vicinity of the building, that is, the environment around the house. Our ancient feng shui theorists have accumulated some valuable experience in this respect, which is worth learning today. Some people believe in Feng Shui. Some people think that Feng Shui is superstitious, while others think Feng Shui is "a little mysterious." True feng shui is a natural science that integrates hydrogeology, environmental landscape, meteorology, architecture and other disciplines. Its purpose is to find and create an ideal living environment, so that residents and the environment can be integrated, appropriate and compatible, so as to increase the positive energy of life and reach the realm of time, geography and people.

The most important point of Chongqing home Feng Shui is to pay attention to home and space. Regardless of whether it is a yin-yang residential house, the geographical environment of the entire building or the indoor space of the house should pay attention to the flow of hidden wind and air. When decorating the interior, pay attention to the size and placement of the furniture so that the indoor air can flow smoothly, but not too loosely. We should dissipate the air slowly, otherwise it will become a "hall wind", but not good. Home should have a background. Before there was a clear hall, there were supporters. Only with supporters can we have a stable mindset and bring good luck. Therefore, when decorating a home, do sofas, tables, chairs or soft beds have to be supported? Do n’t put the sofa and bedside behind, it ’s better to lean against the wall, otherwise, whether you are resting or sleeping, the feng shui signs of one of the unlucky houses will be affected by the gate, because the gate is the house ’s airport, connecting private space The outside world, as well as the owner ’s obstacles to seeking good luck and avoiding evil. In ancient times, the three major elements of residence were "doors, main house, and furnace". There are six things: doors, roads, stoves, wells, health and toilets. They all opened the door first, which shows the importance of the door. If the door is oriented correctly, it will be purple. If the door does not open well, everything will go wrong. If it is serious, it will suffer disaster. There is a proverb saying: "The door is right, the home is the road." The so-called "a fixed Jichang" is also, remember to remember. The direction of the gate is determined by the corresponding direction of the gate. The direction of the door facing the room is "facing", and the relative direction is "seat". Generally speaking, the east is the best, the next one is the south. Heart-pointed sword: The inner seat of the gate faces the corridor or passage. Its shape is like a sword piercing the heart, known as the piercing heart sword. This model is a taboo for residential. If you attack it, you will be injured.

There are some dark houses and densely overcast houses in Chongqing Feng Shui. The reason for this feng shui symptom is simple, that is, lack of energy, and energy shortage is often caused by lack of sunlight indoors during the day and lack of light at night. If there is a place in the house that often lacks light or sunlight, it will appear. Creating a part of the body is not a problem. The best way to improve this situation is to keep the lights on for a fixed period of time. Ancient people talked about Feng Shui. They discussed the effect of water balance energy and wind field on people. Wind emphasizes natural wind. Of course, it is difficult for everyone to encounter natural wind at home. However, you can use a small trick to solve this common modern problem, which is to use the electric fan to enhance the convection of the air and guide the natural wind into. The fresh environment will naturally rejuvenate you without the problem of respiratory organs.