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The layout of Fengshui in Chongqing

The Feng Shui of Chongqing stores determines the rise and fall of a store. Feng Shui pays attention to layout and yang. Feng Shui has a history of hundreds of years in China. Before opening a store, it is very important to be optimistic about the Feng Shui of the store. help.

The Feng Shui layout of the Chongqing store includes two parts: the external and internal bureaus, and the destiny of the shop owner. The external environment is the external environment outside the workshop door, including nearby buildings, roads, water potential, trees, various gases, etc. The internal environment is the internal environment and environment inside the workshop door. There is a difference between the external world and the internal world. If the outside world is good, money will come smoothly. If the outside world is good, money will come smoothly. To maintain, when the economy is down, only money and wealth will be lost; worse, no matter who, when operating, only money will be lost as a result. For the internal affairs, if it is a good thing, the money will accumulate more and more when it comes in; if it is unreasonable, even if the money comes in, it will not survive, or the lawsuit, or internal staff cheat, causing money loss And other phenomena. The damage to wealth is different. If the foreign trade bureau and the internal affairs bureau cooperate properly, they will surely run smoothly and the funds will flow continuously.

On the signs of Feng Shui, there is usually yang, so that there will be vitality, vitality and popularity, and there will be business sponsorship. If the store is located in a relatively cold or less crowded place, not only will it not be patronized, but it is likely to have business doors and cloudy days, then the magnetic field of Feng Shui will also be affected, and the Feng Shui of the store will be hindered. In fact, the layout of the interior decoration of the store is mainly comfortable. In general, the decoration of the store should not be too luxurious and luxurious, and the light should not be too bright, otherwise it is easy to produce a light brake on the feng shui surface, but the wind is too dark. The water will make the shop cloudy, and once it is cloudy, it will be very weak.

The background of Feng Shui care in Chongqing stores should be thick. The front boxes and mountains are relatively low, showing humility and joy. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a shop around the shop. Generally speaking, you can be close to the big shop, but you should not face the big shop, especially do not cross the road to the shop. At least in the same industry. Facing the south, its purpose is to avoid summer exposure and cold winds in winter. If the store goes north, winter is unthinkable. Coldness is a kind of bad breath, too cold and harmful to people's business activities. When the cold wind hit, the shop assistant suffered another kind of torture. If he is in good health, if he is not in good health, he may get sick.

The number of doors that receive customers every day determines whether our business is prosperous. The door is the throat of our store and the channel for the circulation of customers and goods, so the door should not be too small. According to Feng Shui, the door of the store is too small to narrow the outlet of the store, which is not conducive to refueling, so the inflow of refueling will slow down, thereby reducing the anger of the room. For the operation of the store, the door is too small, which will cause inconvenience to customers. When the customer carries the goods, it is likely to cause knocking between the goods and the door, which will often damage the goods sold. Crowded, large number of customers. As this state will stop, overcrowding. Squeezing the friction between customers will eventually affect the normal operation of the store.