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What is the fortune-telling in Chongqing

Fortune telling is one of the common methods of fortune telling in Chongqing . The so-called eight-character refers to the eight-character of birth. It represents the time. The quality of birth time will affect the future transportation. The fortune-telling of eight-character achieves the purpose of prediction by measuring the time. , Is very accurate.

The fortune-telling of the eight characters in Chongqing is based on the elements of time. We can determine good or bad luck based on the time of birth and the time of movement. The feng shui that we often use belongs to the situation and atmosphere of the acquired feng shui. It is also mainly based on the study of spatial elements, supplemented by time. Generally speaking, numerology is time research, and feng shui is research space. Time and space constitute time and space, and changes in time and space affect people. Assuming that there are no good or bad, good or bad, good or bad problems between any two dates (year, month and day), it is easy to infer the two born on any two dates (year, month and day) There is no question of good or bad for the homosexuals (only consider Tim's factors)). In this case, the destiny of man is different from that of others. It only depends on other non-time factors: grandparents, social family, geographical environment, effort gained, etc.

In fact, people, like everything in the world, must follow certain rules, just like plants, which germinate in spring, grow in summer, bear fruit in autumn, and are imprisoned in winter. Everything in the world is Yin and Yang, and people are no exception. Therefore, our saint created five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Heaven and earth are Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang produced four images: Shao Yin and Shao Yang, Lao Yin and Lao Yang. Shao Yin Jin Liang, Shao Yang wood warm. Lao Yin water is cold; Lao Yang is hot and hot. In the process of Yin Yang's transformation, the soil acts as a transition, carrying all the elements. As a human being, it has five elements at the same time. Everyone has the spirit of Yin and Yang. After this five-line arrangement, it is the eight characteristics of our birthday. Starting from the Gua, we can see eight characters. According to the results of the five elements of the world, it is the Universiade. If a child was born in 1898, the five elements of the earth, if he was born in the eighth lunar month, the five elements would have gold. If he was born on the first day of the first year of the lunar calendar, he could add another piece of wood, which happened to be more than one o'clock in the afternoon with water.

Why is the fortune telling of the eight characters in Chongqing the rule of time? In short, because the symbols of the sky, stems, and earth used in the eight characters are only alternative symbols for the year, month, date, and time of birth. They themselves come from time. What is the law of time? In addition, the core principle of the eight-character theorem is whether the time change within 24 solar cycles is strong or weak under the influence of the sun. This is not the law of time, what is it? Therefore, fortune telling is actually a law of time, but this law of time is a condensed version of everyone who runs through time. In the long time when it was born, what kind of trend and situation it is is very clear and clear. Since fortune telling belongs to the law of time, do you think it exists for any reason?