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The importance of Feng Shui in Chongqing

Fengshui in Chongqing is very important to merchants. A shop is very particular about the location and the placement of internal items. The fengshui of the store is good or bad, which affects the prosperity of the store. Therefore, when deciding to open a store, it is very important to consider the feng shui of the store.

The purpose of opening a store is to make money, so wealth is the top priority of Chongqing store feng shui. "Water" stands for wealth, and business adjacent to "water" will flourish. "Water" can be either a real river or a road. In modern towns, if shops are located near crowded streets and alleys, they are the easiest to operate and the most economical. Therefore, the prosperity and wealth of street commercial streets is the best. The popularity of stores is very important. Only when more customers and more people come to the store will the business flourish and the transaction volume will increase. In terms of feng shui, the "root" side is the popular relationship between Northeast shops. "Root" is the original meaning of the mountain. If there is a hill outside the Northeast shop, the inside is full and the popularity must be strong. The toilet is in this location, the storefront must be cold and clean, and not many customers.

The Feng Shui store in Chongqing includes two parts: the external and internal bureaus, and the destiny of the shop owner. The external environment is the external environment outside the workshop door, including nearby buildings, roads, water potential, trees, various gases, etc. The internal environment is the internal environment and environment inside the workshop door. There is a difference between the external world and the internal world. If the outside world is good, money will come smoothly. If the outside world is good, money will come smoothly. To maintain, when the economy is down, only money and wealth will be lost; worse, no matter who, when operating, only money will be lost as a result. For the internal affairs, if it is a good thing, the money will accumulate more and more when it comes in; if it is unreasonable, even if the money comes in, it will not survive, or the lawsuit, or internal staff cheat, causing money loss And other phenomena. The damage to wealth is different.

Feng Shui in Chongqing stores avoid facing south to the store. Houses located in the south facing north cannot receive sufficient sunlight in the northern hemisphere. They belong to feng shui shady houses, which are not conducive to prosperous wealth and feng shui. For shops, the best option is to sit in a north-facing sun house, which can avoid the summer sun and winter snow. Feng Shui buildings are mainly buildings that make people feel uncomfortable, such as chimneys, toilets, cattle pens, stables, funeral homes, hospitals, etc. These buildings are either smoky or smelly, crying, or sick. Feng Shui is considered a threat to the airflow caused by these unfortunate buildings.

According to different business projects, Fengshui stores in Chongqing have different functional areas. In any case, the cashier can be arranged on both sides of the door, but do not rush directly to the door, causing funds to flow out. The general manager's office space must be placed in the rear to develop steadily. Every character's character has five advantages. If the shop pays attention to the owner's requirements for the character's fate in terms of location, position, decoration color, store layout, etc., it can fully supplement the role. Natural business activities increase success. of.