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Basic introduction of Chongqing forecasting peach blossom

Chongqing predicts that Peach Blossom and personal marriage have a great connection. Some people always feel that there is no Peach Blossom Movement, so there is no good marriage. Peach Blossom Movement can be predicted and changed. Peripheral factors and personal factors are important factors affecting Peach Blossom, so we cannot Take it lightly.

Which of the ten gods is relative to the flower chosen by Jehovah? That is to say, Taoyin, Taoguan, Taohua killing, picking robbery, etc., because each god is very important in predicting details. At the same time, it also reveals the difference between peach blossom and love, marriage and social life. If the owner of Japan is Jiamu and Zishui is peach blossom, then peach blossom is the main peach blossom, and peach blossom is the master who supports Japan. If God is a wood and has a golden peach, of course, this cross stitch is the official peach flower. If peach blossom is in the afternoon, it will be injured peach blossom. Now I am talking about the peach blossoms on the ground and the dried flowers. There are many varieties of peach blossoms, and the ten gods peach blossoms are divided into ten gods and some ten gods, and the different ten god peach blossoms in each five lines also have different detailed meanings.

Chongqing predicts that peach blossom is the twelve branch of these eight characters. If the tiger, horse or dog, three of the eight characters are the ones who hit the peach blossom. If there are snakes, chickens and cows, the three branches of these eight characters are peach blossoms. If the three stages of pig, rabbit and sheep are eight characters, who are they playing peach blossom. If the monkey, rat, and Chen are three stages, there is a unitary branch among the eight characters. These eight characters are divided into different parts of the palace. Each palace has a different meaning. The wife ’s palace is the location of the Japanese branch and represents the wife ’s message. For example, what does his wife look like? Do you have to look at this position? So what does "Fu Yin" mean? Fu Yin is twofold, these two meanings. In other words, there is a branch in these eight characters, and like the wife's palace, it becomes a palace of two or three wives. In this case, it is easy for people to take care of the third child outside and establish another family.

Chongqing predicts that some women in peach blossoms have protruding pointed hair in the middle of their foreheads, like triangles. This is what we call sharp beauty, but this kind of sharp beauty is not for everyone. In terms of phase, if there is a sharp beauty forehead Most of the characters may be impatient, fiercely competitive, and curious. Things, women with sharp women, heterosexuality will be good, more peach blossoms. If two eyes can give a charming and affectionate look, this is what we usually call eyes will shed tears. Women with such eyes often misunderstand the feelings of heterosexuals, and people with tears will pay attention to heterosexual Or, these will attract a lot of peach blossoms. Losers, let their own two hard out.