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The purpose of Chongqing Feng Shui fortune telling

Feng Shui fortune-telling in Chongqing is a fortune-telling method based on gossip chart calculation. It has a history of hundreds of years in China. After the calculation of the ancients, it has a high degree of credibility. Looking at the house feng shui can infer how the owner ’s fate is. There is a basis. Feng Shui fortune telling is not out of nothing.

Chongqing Feng Shui fortune telling is a kind of fortune telling. If you want to know some mysteries of fortune telling, just follow me to understand the gossip feng shui fortune telling. Since ancient times, fortune-tellers have been controlled by a few people. They have mastered some of the more implicit things, and then have insight into the heaven. Gossip Feng Shui is a part of Chinese history and culture. It is based, it is a fatalistic algorithm. Gossip and seven gates Feng Shui fortune telling, he can calculate the fate of a person, if you have a bad fate, you can change the fate behind. Feng Shui's fortune-telling is based on gossip. It can be said that gossip originated in ancient times, and then the number of people was calculated based on the evolution of later generations. Gossip, feng shui fortune telling, is generally believed, but not believed. But believe it or not, the truth is there, or believe it.

We have a sentence in China: the earth is spiritual, and everything on the earth has a soul. You are not enough, good feng shui signs do not obey you, do not want to protect you, and some would rather crush jade than tiles, and have a strong self-esteem. It's like a BMW. Not only do you choose it, it also wants to choose you, it doesn't like you, just shave the hoof on its nose to avoid touching it. On the contrary, if you live with the right people, you will be more like a woman in front of their favorite people, pay more attention to the dazzling beauty, but also to show their essence of beauty. This feeling is like finding your soulmate. How do we feel when we meet sweethearts? Special spirit! As the saying goes, the 80-year-old woman feels that she is 18 years old, and the old man can write poems.

The ultimate goal of Chongqing Fengshui fortune-telling is to find out the bad aspects of the hit, find ways to adjust and solve them, make the bad things better, find out the good aspects of the hit, and work harder so as to better play the good potential. At present, 90% of the owners have a high-level ability to accurately infer customer wealth, poverty, good luck or bad luck. In other words, predict a person's information and tell the other party that the prediction process has ended. For example, whether there is money being smashed or not, whether there is longevity or early death, and whether there are any accidents in the future. In fact, this method of fortune telling is that the doctor only tells the patient that the condition is not prescribed. A true theorist must first analyze the unfavorable factors, then make adjustments, and ultimately improve the destiny of mankind. Such a life develops best. Such predictions are the most enlightening to one's life.

Chongqing Feng Shui fortune telling said that there is a great road between heaven and earth. Because someone predicted that he must know heaven and fate, but he did not know why. It ’s just because I do n’t know why I believe the weather forecaster said that everyone will have a hope and longing for a good life. Because of different personalities, some people like to encourage and encourage more fighting spirit, some people like to fight, more Frustration and bravery are not the same. The hypothetical prediction is correct, he met a brutal, ambitious, and encouraging person, but if he told him the truth about life, he would not be able to imagine that very few people, if they go to extremes, would not Avoid negatively affecting the forecaster, and doing so will not affect both sides. If there is profit, there is no conclusion and no carrier.