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The Culture of Choosing the Best Day in Chongqing

Chongqing Jiji Day is mainly used for marriage, moving, and some important activities. People want to choose a good day to do some big things, and make auspicious things. Therefore, many people value auspicious days very much. The path of life has a great influence.

Chongqing Jiji Day is often referred to as watching a day or choosing a day. People usually choose a lucky day before offering sacrifices, asking heirs, going to school, seeking medical treatment, getting married, getting married, traveling, moving, opening markets, starting work, building houses, burying ground, and digging wells. why? As the saying goes: "A good beginning is the mother of success." In ancient times, war was about time, place and people. The time here refers not only to the weather, but also to the time of natural movement and the laws of celestial movement. The facts are simple. We humans live in a corner of the earth. We live in the long river of time. Every moment, we do all kinds of activities. The sun, moon, stars and morning around us are always changing. Various magnetic fields are very good. Various environmental conditions are changing, and the impact on humans (including the growth or reproduction of animals and plants) is obvious. At different times, there are different opportunities to do something.

Chongqing Jiji Day is the day of the Six Gods: Qinglong, Tiande, Yutang, Shiming, Mingtang, and Golden Palace. When the Six Gods are on duty, everything is proper and evil cannot be avoided. They are called "Zodiac Auspicious Days" and usually refer to good days suitable for doing things. On the contrary, Mafia Day refers to the six gods: White Tiger, Tianlao, Xuanwu, Gongchen, Tianju, and Suyuan. These six gods are on duty and are not suitable for civil affairs. Huang Gangdao chose the highest proportion of heaven. Generally speaking, the zodiac is more suitable for folk celebrations, such as marriage, relocation, and business, while Mafia Day is conducive to military, conspiracy, and self-interest.

As we continue to emphasize, we use the power of choosing one day to put ourselves in the most suitable place and do the right thing at the most suitable time. The essence of choosing Japanese studies is "avoiding evil for good". But no matter which day you choose, the premise of avoiding evil first, and then seeking auspiciousness is: first avoiding evil, then avoiding evil, and then driving auspicious spirits such as "immortal, emperor, expensive, Lu village, horse ..." Why do some big consortia, entrepreneurs, and newly-built factories want to relocate, and they will try to invite some senior officials and even heads of state to cut the ribbon? First, we must avoid the purpose of marketing. In fact, the emergence of senior officials is part of the Japanese study. The first thing to do is to avoid all evil souls. If the unseen "nobility" is unlucky, inviting the "real nobility" can also get the same effect.

Chongqing Jiji Day must first discuss the location of the 24 mountains of the five elements of Yin and Yang, and then choose daily classes. There are large and small profits, three earthquakes, and three years of breaks every month. The same auspicious lesson, used for auspicious small profit in Italy, is used in Sanshafang to control the brakes every day, and the brakes will fail. However, it breaks the moon and the moon even worse. Even if they are used on the same auspicious side, there are big auspicious and small auspicious points. One side of the mountain is prosperous, the god is auspicious, and a certain direction of the mountain is not strong, and the god is not auspicious, so there must be a difference. As far as daily courses are concerned, if the world is a forest, traveling to the prosperous areas of the East, North, and Southeast is fortunate; while traveling to the Western world is subject to conquest, the world will not enter the grave of disaster.