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Basis of Chongqing's prediction of peach blossoms

Chongqing predicts that peach blossom is a kind of marriage, which can be predicted by the eight characters. Peach blossom represents a person's marriage problem. Emotions are very important in our life. No one wants to be alone and die old. Therefore, peach blossom prediction is very important. Necessary.

When it comes to predicting peach blossom in Chongqing, people usually think of love. Unmarried men and women yearn for peach blossom to bring them a happy and happy marriage. People with a family have subtle and complex feelings for peach blossoms. Most men can't wait for more peach blossoms. Peach blossom means romantic encounters. They are regarded as the embodiment of their charm, but for their wives, this is a huge tragedy. In the pluralism of modern society, many married women also derailed. No matter where men and women are, the influence of peach blossoms is great.

The fate of a man (four-posted eight characters) is born, marriage is also dominated by four-posted eight characters, the fate line appears as the appearance of a wedding star, anyone will have good luck in peach blossom, good luck in heterosexual! Just like economic luck, some people seize the opportunity to get married and have children and form a family. Some people did not seize the opportunity, and even gave up the opportunity to become lonely. Because marriage is made up of four columns and eight characters, the time of marriage is predictable. But because men and women are different in life, their views are different. Regardless of men and women, the four pillars of the Communist Party of China Bureau and the eight-month branch or daily branch are charged. If the month or day branches coincide with the Universiade or the New Year, that is, the trunk of the Lunar New Year Games and the sun trunk, and the trunk and branches of the Lunar New Year Universiade coincide with each other, then people's lives will become particularly important. Finance Bureau. Sui Yun cadres and the four-posted and eight-character cadres of the Destiny Bureau have relatives with murderers, murderers, and murderers, and are also lucky in marriage.

Chongqing predicts that peach blossom is a spirit of eight characters, and is called "peach blossom", also known as "yanchi". According to my 20 years of research experience, peach blossom has advantages and disadvantages, that is, starting from positive energy, it also has side effects. The direct understanding is that if you have this peach blossom constellation in your eight characters, you can easily communicate with the opposite sex, and if you are smart, intelligent, and smart, you can easily communicate with other opposite sex in various forms, and you will often be favored by the opposite sex . The peach blossom of positive energy is fortune, and the career is good. This situation is used in the department. The scientific explanation is that the frequency of your body's energy field is very close to the opposite sex. Just like a TV can receive electromagnetic waves from a TV tower, that is, transmit information. The Peach Blossom Star is not only easy to communicate with the opposite sex, but also has good cultural literacy. They have great literary temperament, mind, wisdom, and leadership. Ancient and modern emperors, ministers, and literary heroes all have good luck. Emperor Qianlong, where peach blossoms are in full bloom, with both culture and martial arts, is known as the perfect old man. Ji Xiaolan is quick in thinking and peach blossoms are also very prosperous. These examples are endless.

Chongqing predicts peach blossom, and generally analyzes peach blossom induction from the five aspects of the peach blossom year stem and its birthday: First, it senses happiness with God. This is a good time to mark your own good luck in your own way. Good things always happen. Among unmarried young men and women, as long as life is generally happy, they will easily encounter better peach blossoms and there will be love. As long as these eight words are not particularly serious, the chance of getting married in a happy year is great. Marriage Palace induction. In the eight-character prophecy, the place of birthday is the couple's palace. The length of life is the same as the branch of the husband and wife's palace, either with the wife's palace, or with the husband's palace, or with the wife's palace. All three cases are the summary of the mobile years for the husband and wife's palace. For example, the person born in Jiayinri is in the husband's palace. There is a couple's feeling in a year.

Chongqing predicts that peach blossoms also have congenital inactivity and acquired changes. Innate peach blossom refers to the character of peach blossom, born auspicious, is a certain period of time when peach blossoms meet, and then disappears. Master Peach Blossom is full of romantic feelings, but Peach Blossom is very popular. So almost everyone has an affinity for peach blossoms. They are just light and heavy.