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Chongqing's way to choose auspicious days

Chongqing Jiji Day is mainly to choose a good day to do things. When the days are good, things will become smooth. For example, the opening Jiji Day and the marriage Jiji Day are all for a good moral. Of course, this is also very important. A measurement method is very accurate.

As the name suggests, Chongqing Jiji Day is to choose auspicious days to do things to avoid corruption. Choosing an auspicious day is called "make a lesson" or "choose a day". There are many principles for class, but one of the most important principles is to teach according to the joy of the master. Some mediocre folk teachers did not ask the host ’s birthday, but instead of using the joy of the host, they used God to create lessons. As a result, some people in the class were promoted, some were imprisoned, some should be lucky, and some should be attacked , Can not achieve the desired effect, another principle of choosing the lucky class is to choose the sun column, if the host is eight. The word "God" is used as wood, then the box for class every day must be wood, and the pillars must be trunks and branches or the body of the trunks and branches, such as the pillars of Yinyin Jiazi Yihai, cannot be good for cutting feet God is courageous, but also to avoid all bad days as auspicious days. The basic principle of the lecture is to give priority to the five elements that restrict life, supplemented by the number of mental illnesses, both of which are indispensable. It is one-sided and undesirable to only talk about the spirit, not the constraints of life or the constraints of life.

For the happiness of marriage, for the smooth and auspicious wedding, people usually choose auspicious days to hold the wedding. Wedding day has also become an important link before marriage. Tian Yan believes that as a professional lucky person, in addition to choosing the most suitable wedding day, the following three elements must also inform the client so that the wedding can be smooth and safe, and the wedding is sweet and happy. The bride may wish to avoid the three stages, which refers to the wedding, because the bride belongs to the relationship between the three stages and will have a negative impact on the three stages of the person. Especially when the bride sits on the sedan chair, gets off the sedan chair, and worships the world, this negative effect is even more serious. Therefore, there will be a special content in the newspaper on the traditional wedding day to remind the family that the wedding must be held before the wedding. Newlyweds cannot be prominent in the three-stage publicity position so that everyone can see clearly so that Ready to say goodbye. Ok.

Chongqing's choice of Jiji Day should be based on things, with God as the latitude, with God as the eye, and with objects as the outline. Baihu, Tianxing, Susak, Tianlao, Xuanwu, Gouchen in the yellow calendar-representing the six mafia evil days; Qinglong, Tiande, Yutang, Shi Mingtang, Jin Kui in the yellow calendar-representing the six mafia Party auspicious day. In the almanac, the ex-day, insurance day, fixed day, holding day, whole day, and open day are better; in the almanac, the construction day, whole day, weekday, rest day, harvest day, and harvest day are poor. Below is a concise form for choosing a lucky day. Choose the right marriage time: Tiande, Yuede, Tiandehe, Yuedehe, Tian special amnesty, Tianyuan, Sanhe, Tianxi, Liuhe, not daytime. Avoid marriage and choose the right day: broken moon, weekdays, harvest day, closed door, robbery, disaster, moon evil, monthly punishment, month tired, Wuling, moon disaster, big day, heavenly reason, four wastes, four prohibitions, four poverty On the day of death, wicked people hate the right wing.

The purpose of Chongqing Jiji Day is to avoid bad behavior and get good luck. At present, a large number of almanacs and general books are flooding the market, the quality is uneven, the content is brief, the gods of good and evil have not been fully instructed, and mistakes and omissions should be avoided. The simple fact is that different editions of general books sometimes have different content, and the comments, good or bad, and even the opposite, are confusing. Therefore, choosing the right day to use the wrong book is a big mistake (Ze Ji). Another big mistake in choosing a day is to use the right general book to choose a day, but think about as long as it is a good day like the zodiac, you can do a variety of civil activities. It is not known that even the same civil activities and the same auspicious days are auspicious to different people and to some people, but evil to others. Even the same civil activities should be considered according to the specific situation. For example, the feng shui activities of Xiuyin mansion, assuming the same personnel, should also be divided into living base, murder base, migration base, etc. Because the above three conditions choose different days and methods, the choice of auspicious day is also different.