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Four-column method of fortune-telling in Chongqing

Fortune tellers in Chongqing can measure fortunes, marriages, fortunes, and workplaces. Fortune tellers in China have a history of nearly a thousand years. Fortune telling represented by Zhou Yi is very accurate. Now people pay more and more attention to the fortune telling. The consultation is devoted to the calculation of eight characters and provides measurement services for many customers.

Fortune-telling in Chongqing, also known as the four-column forecast, is the eight characters of Tian Gan's local records found in the calendar. The year, month, day, and hour of a person's birth are eight words. Bazi divination (Bazi divination and Bazi divination) is a divination method based on horoscope. The eight characters are the most important invention in Chinese digital science. After thousands of years of verification in China, it can be said that "Bazi" is the wisdom baptism of countless predecessors. After repeated practice and research, these important and precious materials can be said to be the epitome of China's extremely important civilization for thousands of years.

When you master a person's birthday, the first step is to understand the dry days of the four seasons, born in winter or summer, if these two seasons must pay attention to adjustment issues. why? Because winter is cold and cold, without the warmth of sunlight, no crop can grow normally, and everything has no vitality, although there are rows of trees, pieces of land, pieces of gold mines, streams, and no sunshine, everything is lifeless. We call it death. Only by warming up and adjusting the sunlight can everything grow. The five elements are in circulation, and circulation is living things. "Biology" is useful, and useful things will develop and gain. Dead things are useless things, even if they are the most, they are useless. If you were born in summer, the weather is hot, and the most needed is water. Without water, nothing can survive. Therefore, we must first consider whether the state of life needs to be adjusted.

The four-column method is to extract a person's life information directly from the four-column and eight-character combination. There is no decline in prosperity and five elements, and there is no use of God. This method is simple, clear, practical, and highly accurate. It has always been the blind man who has cut off four roots. With this housekeeping skill for survival, if you can understand and flexible images, you can reach the realm of gods. In ancient China, Tian'an and the Earth's branches have a certain significance. Every combination of Cheonan and Earth Branch has an image of information. same. This is why blind people can sometimes tell you a lot about you and your six relatives only when they look at you, and have a very high precision and amazing. I want to make these four pillars upright for blind people all over the world, and I hope your careful understanding.

You can find out all the facts in life through the fortune-telling of Chongqing Bazi. But we must understand that all situations are a sphere. Not everything in life can be detailed or detailed. For example, fortune telling can tell you about the ups and downs of your life, can criticize your professional life, marriage, feelings, wealth, children, illness, you can say, what is life, it can also be. In other words, the fortune teller knows your way. However, there is no need to use digital science to explain everything in a day, or to detail it in a small matter. In theory, it can be realized in theory, but it is difficult to apply in real life. For example, you can use your eight words to judge whether you will destroy your wealth this year. It's hard to know when you will destroy your property, which day, or which thief stole the money. In other words, it is also a coordinate graph. It is nothing but X and Y, divided into four quadrants. There are positive, positive, negative, negative, and positive because X and Y have different numbers and different points. Life is the same as the eight characters, originally composed of different points. After a little bit, we have a string. You may not be clear, but this line is completely clear.

Fortune tellers in Chongqing have only eight characters, but the relationship between the eight characters is very complicated. The eight characteristics are important traditional algorithms in China. Yin Yang combines various theories, and the five elements are easy to learn. Eight fortune tellers with technology generally don't tell fortunes. Recognizing the basic knowledge of those eight characters and understanding your own personality are very helpful for the development of their children and spouses in life.