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Introduction of Chongqing Home Feng Shui

People nowadays pay more and more attention to Chongqing's home feng shui . A home's feng shui can affect the family's luck. If the home's feng shui is not correct, it will have a great impact on our financial and luck, so we need to have a home feng shui. Squarely.

Chongqing home feng shui is the integration and compatibility of people and the environment. It can analyze and observe the external environment and indoor environment of the family. The feng shui signs of our home are the same as our feng shui signs: left (blue dragon), right (white tiger), front (rosary), back (basalt) north (son), south (noon); such as Purple Mountain, noon, Back to the mountains and rivers. The feng shui form of homes in architectural practice is to pay attention to the surrounding mountains and rivers, which belongs to the perspective of residence. Now let's take a look at how the ancient feng shui omen focused on the vicinity of the building, that is, the environment around the house. Ancient Feng Shui theorists have accumulated some valuable experience in this regard. The problem is that feng shui omens and wizards mix many superstitious factors in the shape of the mansion, which is detrimental to our rural housing construction today.

The feng shui porch was originally called the breakthrough point for Taoist tempering. Taoist cultivation first broke through before entering the formal, and later used in the name of indoor architecture, meaning that only through this corridor to enter the main room, the mysterious meaning comes from this. The design of the corridor has two main purposes: first, to eliminate the breath outside the door, hide the wind and collect gas. Feng Shui said, "Music is sad and harmful." The door is a house at the entrance of an elevator or staircase. Too much gas can easily affect people's health and wealth. Release effect. Second, in order to protect the privacy of the host and avoid the wide view of the entire bedroom when guests enter the door.

If the central part of the house is used as a toilet, it will accumulate garbage like a human heart, and the owner will be more fortunate and less likely to get sick. If the bathroom happens to be in the middle of the house, it is not suitable as a residence. If the toilet is not in the center of the house, but in the center of the second half of the house, just aligned with the door, it is not suitable for living, which may cause economic losses. The indoor air is cleaner than outside, and it is inevitable to carry various bacteria after entering the room from outside. If the door faces the kitchen, the outdoor air may blow bacteria into the kitchen. The kitchen is where food is cooked. Therefore, if this layout is maintained for a long time, the host is susceptible to respiratory and esophageal diseases. If the door is facing the master bedroom, it is not only not conducive to purifying the air in the bedroom, but more importantly, if a gangster breaks into the house, the owner is the first to be injured.

Head of the bed: The head of the bed does not face west. According to modern science, the earth rotates from east to west. If the head is facing west, the blood tends to go to the top of the head and sleep is more unstable. The image was intimidated and lack of energy. The TV set should not be corrected in front of the bed, but can be changed to a side cabinet or a replacement cabinet. As a removable TV cabinet, the bed cannot have a back door, and people outside the door can see everything on the bed, there is no sense of perfection, and it also affects the rest. Bedroom door: The bedroom door cannot directly face the kitchen door to prevent the heat and humidity from communicating with the bedroom door; the bedroom door cannot directly face the bathroom, because the water after the bath and the ammonia in the bathroom are easily diffused into the bedroom, and there is more moisture in the bedroom-abdominal muscles . The polished cloth will make the environment more humid; the bedroom door should not directly face the storage room door. The storage room is moldy and it is easy to hide dirt. The bedroom door should not be 22 relative.

The best way to build Feng Shui in Chongqing is based on the characteristics of the owner. However, there are some generally applicable principles, that is, in the layout of the living room, some feng shui hazards cannot be carried out, otherwise it will cause discomfort and disadvantage, and negatively affect the owner.