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Location taboo of Fengshui in Chongqing

Feng Shui in Chongqing is an important factor that affects the quality of a store ’s business. Some shops have bad Feng Shui, which will affect the chances of customers entering the store. Now people are paying more and more attention to Feng Shui. A good Feng Shui will make the boss ’business easier. Shun Shui, so be sure to take a look at Feng Shui before choosing a shop location.

Fengshui in Chongqing should avoid the unfortunate buildings around it. It mainly refers to hospitals, toilets, chimneys, funeral homes and other buildings that are easily uncomfortable. These buildings are either smoky or smelly, crying, or sick. Feng Shui is regarded as a threat by information brought by unlucky buildings. When opening a store, you should consider whether the store is open. It is best to avoid all shelters, even if the store is not too large, or prefer to open the store. This is called "Mingtang" in Fengshui, it is easy to make money, and it is very popular.

The rise and fall of a store depends on its customers. Customers are the company's source of funds. When customers are full, the store will flourish, otherwise the store will go bankrupt. Therefore, the direction of the store door should depend on the customer, where should the customer be, and where should the door open to greet the customer. The direction of the store door also has a lot to do with the location of the store. If the store is on the south facing north, or the west facing east, and the customer gathering point is in the direction of the house, then the door of the store must undoubtedly face north and east. If this is the case, the door of the store should not be north or taboo east. The store will be exposed to the hot sun in the summer and the store will be hit by the north wind in the winter. In this case, we can use Yin Yang's law and five elements to treat each other.

A good store layout can not only make the store look more comfortable, but also make consumers more willing to spend at the store. Knowing about Feng Shui in Chongqing stores makes it easier to build a good store and prosper business. If the shape of the store is a horizontal rectangle or a square, and the berth is not deep enough, the cashier can be set at the diagonal gathering position of the door. If you have the door on the left, the cashier can be set diagonally to the right. If you enter the door on the right, the cashier can be set diagonally to the left. The cashier's height is also moderate, the counter is too high, not outside, I feel too low, I feel unsafe. Generally, the height of the cashier is between 110 and 120 cm. Some busy roads are not "regular" intersections, but "D" or "Ya". Although such a storefront has a prosperous side, it also has a "running" side. In these places, pay attention to the storefront, add a fence in front, or change the entrance to a side door to prevent traffic jams and avoid "crowding." Trees or flowers can be planted in front of the store to increase vitality and eliminate dust. In places with high wind and dust, pay attention to the watering and dust removal in front of the door, and wash the doors and windows frequently.

In the Feng Shui of the Chongqing store, the door of the store is the throat of the store and the passageway for customers to enter and exit the goods. The number of shops per day determines the rise and fall of the store. Therefore, in order to improve customer reception, the door should not be too small. The direction of the store is a very cautious question for the merchant. It is often regarded as the key to business success. Therefore, under the strong trend of warding off evil spirits, people often attract feng shui divination. Feng Shui often uses a table as a guide for proper front door positioning.