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The location of Fengshui in Chongqing graveyard

Many people think that Feng Shui in Chongqing ’s cemetery is not important. As everyone knows, a good cemetery will affect future generations. The cemetery Feng Shui said that there are thousands of years of history in China. From ancient times to the present, Feng Shui is a profound science. Scholarship, so when we choose a cemetery for the deceased, do n’t be sloppy.

The best way to start Feng Shui in the cemetery is to check the Feng Shui in Chongqing Cemetery on the spot. The ancestral grave is the place where the ancestral coffin was buried. This is sacred. Since ancient times, Feng Shui Omen has believed that life and death are interdependent. If the dead bones can be properly buried, it will bless the future generations of Ford, which has laid a more important foundation for people's graveyard Feng Shui Omen. The cemetery feng shui pays attention to the coordination of the natural pattern, pays attention to the use of dragon air, the gathering point of the dragon air veins is used as a cave, and the spirit of heaven and earth is obtained with handrails, court cases, and landscape guardrails. Nothing is created and available at all, it is a natural creation of all things. Relying on water, Longshan cooperates well and requires the master to have deep knowledge of qi. Once the overall difference is not big. At the same time, when the land is transported, mountains and water can become a rich cemetery. Finally, through the cooperation of Heaven, Earth, and the selection of auspicious lessons, we can achieve perfection, bury our hair, and even Sanyuan cannot defeat wealth and honor forever.

Because the cemetery is a cool place, if this place can't see the sun all year round, it is called a cloudy day, no matter how good the external environment is, this place can not be chosen, choose this place must be boys and girls, melancholy. Shady houses also need good sunshine conditions and harmonious sunlight. It is one of the good feng shui conditions; around the mausoleum of the loess, grass, slabs, cement, and stones cannot be laid all over. The stage of unfavorable landforms. NITC Shishan sees that the earth is precious. Flowers and plants are ferocious without an earth cemetery. In some cemeteries, the so-called ash wall was built to save land, or the tomb was built on a steep hillside. Looking down, it is deep and steep. Such a grave cannot be chosen. Choices will lead to a family without foundation, and popularity and wealth will decline.

Principle of Feng Shui in Chongqing Cemetery: The owner of Dingshui Mountain is the owner of wealth. Choosing the mountain can make future generations wealthy, and choosing water can make the money roll. The stone is the bone of the mountain, the water is the blood of the mountain, the mountain has water and only life, and there is no water on the mountain as if there is no soul, so the predecessor said: if there is a mountain, there is no water to rest. It can be seen that "Landscape Master is the Master of Wealth" is a brief summary of Feng Shui in the cemetery. The principle of "Zuo Qinglong right Baihu, former Suzaku back basalt" is very important. This is the surrounding terrain of the Fengshui mausoleum, which is actually surrounded by mountains and a spacious basin in the middle. Fengshui is said to be the "cavity" in this cave. The four sides of the mountain water source are called mountain peaks and ridges. The principle of buckling wind is straight, Qu Zeshun. The road should be reinforced, and the landscape must be winding.

Chongqing cemetery Fengshui said: After the dead, the true Qi and the cave Qi will combine to form vitality. Through the communication channels of Yin and Yang and Yang, the fate of the relatives of the living will be affected in the dark. Yin and Yang exhaled the wind, rose into the sky, fell into the rain, and became angry on the ground. Anger is popular on the ground and can be cultivated in life. Man is a crystalline form of father, mother and blood, so man is also a crystalline substance of Yin Yang and two qi. Every living person has both yin and yang. After his death, his body disappeared, and Yin Yang and his two breaths continued. The bones of living people coagulate and die in the bones. So, the treasure hunters look for a vigorous yin palace, let the angry and immortal Yin and Yang combine to protect the living relatives.