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What does the different palmist face of a woman represent in Chongqing

The face of a woman with a life of ups and downs is born from the heart. The face of Chongqing palms can reflect people's inner emotions. A woman who does not control emotions. A woman who speaks on any occasion is destined to be despised and abandoned by others. respected.

1. High cheekbones. From ancient times to the present, it is said: the woman's cheekbones are high, and there is no need to kill a husband. The photo book says: The woman's cheekbones are high and she is the master of the sentence. 2. The neck is too long. The neck represents good or bad fortune. Necks that are too long, too short, too narrow, or too small are not good. The best neck is plump and firm, and the complexion is better with a bright and shiny skin. If the neck is too thin, and the neck meat is too lax, you will often encounter many difficulties in work or life, and you must experience a big blow in life. 3. Sorrowful face. A person often sighs and frowns, and most of his characters are passive. If the forehead is wrinkled early (the forehead is in charge of the fortune between 15 and 30 years old), then this period is mostly poor and labor, but it also means that the body is not good, the career is not smooth, and it is difficult to make a big difference in life. 4. Skinny without hips. As the saying goes, the buttocks are plump and healthy, and the buttocks also represent one's wealth, peach blossom and healthy luck. The buttocks are not plump enough, fleshy and flat buttocks, which means that the peach blossom and wealth are not good, and the body is often sick.

So what are the characteristics of those who have a good marriage? What we mean by a happy marriage refers to those families where the couple is in harmony, respects each other, and cares for each other. A happy marriage does not mean that there is no conflict between the husband and wife. If there is a conflict between the husband and wife, they can mediate in time and leave no resentment. This is a happy marriage. A happy marriage is manifested in palmistry: the beginning of the emotional line crosses, one toward Jupiter Hill, and the other toward the middle of the index finger and middle finger. People with this kind of palmistry not only have a harmonious and happy family, but also can accumulate wealth. What do the couples do when they remarry after divorce? We often encounter some men and women who have had a divorce without divorce, or remarried, but soon after, both parties will regret the remarriage. Freedom of marriage, freedom of remarriage, and divorce. It is just such a toss that will inevitably hurt money and hurt the situation. After the couple divorces and remarries, is there any indication on the palm? The answer is yes! Generally speaking, if the marriage line is interrupted and the other line continues to be born from the side, even if the couple divorces, there is still the possibility of remarriage.

As for the prevalence of married people today, it depends on the viewpoint of the mouth and chin, mainly because the mouth and chin represent a person ’s happiness in his later years. Those who are full of basement must not worry about eating and drinking in their later years, and their descendants are filial. A good standard is to grow a double-groove big chin like Lin Qingxia, but don't forget, this chin must be grown on the face of a duck egg circle to be the best.

From the perspective of palmistry, the position of a woman is the clavicle and pelvis, and "round and rich" is the basic principle. The basic principle of shoulders is "full shoulder width". Such a girl has a good heart, calm down when things happen, before and after marriage are a good hand to help husband-in-law. Although girls do n’t need to be as big and round as men, but the shoulders must be wide and strong. The shoulders do n’t have to be “one”, and the shoulders can be cut slightly, but the standard is not to cut the shoulders and expose the collarbone, especially the triangle between the collarbone and the neck The zone cannot be dented without meat.