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Chongqing predicts the importance of peach blossoms

Chongqing predicts that peach blossoms were originally intended exclusively for men. Now there is no distinction between men and women, which means that one party gets the special love of the opposite sex, and a heterosexual relationship will appear. The simple view is that fortune-telling in the Universiade and the fleeting journey to Meridian Mayoun is called "Peach Blossom Luck". Recipe, Shining. People with peach blossoms in their lives are familiar with human nature, understand human nature, are sensitive but not numb, and are mostly temperamental people; peach blossoms are art stars and versatile in their encounters; Ziwumao is at the right position of the four qi, that is, Zhengdong and Zhengnan , The right west, the right north, so people who live with meridian and meridian are not uncommon, have artistic talents, and have righteousness, and justice is right.

Whether it is the numerology of peach blossoms, or the encounter of peach blossoms in the Universiade and the fleeting years, as long as the peach blossoms are on duty, the peach blossoms are called away. If you are unmarried, then it ’s the right time to go for the best of luck. If you are married and take peach luck, then you are cautious. This peach blossom will affect your marriage. You have to be cautious. If you are not calm for a while, it may cause a lot of trouble to the family and marriage. You have to Treat it sensibly, because when the flowers meet and the flowers fall, when the peach blossoms are over, they will return to plain, keep an ordinary heart, and happiness will last for a long time.

It is said that the word "Chongqing predicts peach blossom" is derived from Ziwei Doushu. Ziwei Doushu is an important tribe of traditional Chinese numerology. It determines the position of the twelfth house based on the year, month, day, and hour of birth, and constitutes the birth chart. There are the palace of brothers, the husband and wife, the palace of children, the palace of wealth, and the palace of migration. , The slave house, the official palace, the Tianzhai palace, the Ford palace, the parent palace and other twelve houses, combining the star clusters of each house with the hexagram of the Zhouyi, can predict the fate of people. When you encounter "Peach Blossom" (Zi Mao You) in the "luck" of life, this is called "Peach Blossom Luck", but "Peach Blossom Luck" also has the difference between good and bad, that is, the so-called "good peach blossom" and "rotten peach blossom" ".

Among the four columns and eight characters, the position of the peach blossom is different, and its influence also increases and decreases. Generally speaking, the peach blossoms that appear on the annual ground branch have the least influence. Jin has the characteristics of versatility, good learning, good wine, good song, mighty, decisive, bright and upright, sociable, victorious, impulsive, hesitant. Goldenism has the characteristics of cleanliness and adoption. Represents that love is sentimental, decisive and impulsive. Chongqing predicts that Taohua believes that if you were born in Youyou, you would have met Jin Taohua. Suitable occupations are public servants, collection, manufacturing, banking, finance, mining, machinery and other occupations.