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How to see Feng Shui in Chongqing Cemetery

Today, we will choose a place where feng shui is good, because feng shui affects the fate of our younger generation. So how to look at Feng Shui in Chongqing Cemetery ? The following analysis for you.

The first classic of Chinese Feng Shui, "The Blue Sacrifice," said: "It should be responsive to qi, ghost blessings and people." It was also said: "Yang virtue has images, but Yin virtue has a place." Science has not proven that people die with anger, qi can sense , Affecting living people. After the deceased is buried, true qi will combine with acupoint to form anger. Through the communication between yin and yang, it will have an influence in the meditation and affect the luck of the relatives in the world. There are both yin and yang, and when you exhale, it becomes the wind, when you rise to the sky, it becomes a cloud, when you land, it becomes a rain, and when it is underground, it becomes angry. Anger is popular underground, and it can nourish everything when it grows. Humans are the crystals of the blood of the father and mother, so humans are also the crystals of yin and yang. Every living person has both yin and yang qi, and the flesh disappears after death, but the yin and yang qi does not disappear. The living person gathers his energy in his bones, and his dead bones are not destroyed, so he is still alive. Therefore, the burial seeks a living cemetery that combines angry and immortal yin and yang to protect living relatives.

The best way to get started with feng shui in Chongqing cemetery is to see the feng shui in the cemetery on the spot. The ancestral grave is the place where the ancestral coffin is buried. It is sacred. Since ancient times, feng shui believes that life and death are interdependent, and if the dead bones can be properly buried, they will bless the future generations of Ford, which has laid more emphasis on the cemetery feng shui. The scientific cemetery feng shui mainly includes the selection of the dragon vein, the cemetery, and the time and method of burial. To investigate the cemetery feng shui, it is necessary to analyze the mountain trend, hydrogeology, plants, etc., and to understand the relationship between the soil properties, the burial cave and the environment. The size, depth, time of burial, and the layout and construction of ground structures.

The feng shui in the cemetery pays attention to the pattern of nature and the spirit of the dragon. The gathering point of the dragon's veins is used as a cave. It is equipped with handrails, court cases and guardrails of mountains and waters to get the spirit of the world. Any point is not artificially available, it is a naturally generated thing! The excellent coordination of Longshan Xiangshui requires the geologist to have a profound knowledge of qi. When the sky is together, the land is transported together, and the mountains and rivers can make a rich cemetery! Finally, the Feng Shui in Chongqing's cemetery is a combination of the heaven, earth, and the people, and the auspicious lesson can be chosen to achieve perfection, burial, and even three yuan undefeated wealth.