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Chongqing needs to design in many ways

The name is a lifelong symbol of a person, not only to accompany the person's life, but also to represent the merits and demerits of your life even a hundred years later. Therefore, the name of Chongqing cannot be ambiguous. It must be a name that listens to the ear and implies a good meaning. From a metaphysical point of view, a good name can play a role in changing fate. A good name must meet the requirements of the three aspects of "time, geographical position, people and harmony" in order to play an auspicious role. Therefore, choosing a name is very particular, and we cannot ignore the standardization of names just to express uniqueness and pursue innovation. As parents who want to let their children become prosperous, they should start with the name and let the child have a lucky name, which will definitely go smoothly in the future. So, how can we play such a name?

Word count

Now some parents like to express more meaning in 3 or more words when naming their children. A surnamed Ouyang in Chongqing, because his father wanted his son Jackie Chan, he gave his son a name: Ouyang succeeded in striving for success. As a result, when the account was opened, the police uncle worried that the child would have to spend half of the test time writing the name in various future exams (actually the name is too long and the system cannot display all the reasons) without registration. It doesn't matter if it is another nationality, whether it is "Nigel Ayhan" or "Kudakulu Marakolin Bulavsky". But you are from the Han nationality, why do you take such a long name? Hiding behind the tree, others will still call you Pharaoh next door.

Literal meaning

The name is usually only three words, and the surname cannot be easily changed. Some people think that if you want your name to appear tall, the surname is "Yang"; the surname is "Lei Jingyu", and the last name is "Yiduohua". When choosing a name, the selected words are combined to have a good meaning, to be used to, and to be auspicious. A good name, a loud name will leave a deep impression on the other party, and even bring good luck to the owner of the name. On the contrary, an untimely name brought bad luck to the owner. In the seven years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi was unlucky because of the homonym "Jinguojun", the name of Wang Guojun from Jiangsu.

According to the changes in the Universiade, the life is not good. If you are lucky, you can still fly to the top. However, some people's hits are not good luck, especially when people in middle age have bad luck, which leads to nothing, poverty, and depression. Happy. If the five-element attribute of the name can suppress the five-element of bad luck, it can have the effect of assisting luck. This is also the reason why many celebrities and businessmen and politicians have changed their careers and their financial resources have been surging.

In the world of Thousands of Thousands of Worlds, we know that everyone can be said to have their own name, which can be described as a variety of names and a variety of names. If you look at a person's name alone, there does not seem to be much difference, it is only his surname Zhang Surnamed Li, his name is A Mao, and his name is A Gou. But once the surface meanings of these names are set aside, we will see different life scenes. From the perspective of personality differences, we can often see in life that some people are gentle and approachable; some people are grumpy In case of discomfort, he jumps and thrills without saying a few words; when someone calls his name, he feels uncomfortable for no reason. This is because his name contains information disorder. Office.

Naming a name is like diagnosing the condition. Unclear diagnosis of the condition makes it impossible to administer the medicine. If the amount of the medicine is not in place, the effect of aid transportation will not be achieved. Therefore, be cautious when naming, and then be cautious.