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The importance of palmistry in Chongqing

The palmists in Chongqing think that the full-fledged people in the court are very calm and sophisticated, and they are very down-to-earth. They can practice step by step, and then they will have a career success unknowingly. Our chin represents a place where we can save money. Fangyuan means we have a house and money. Only a full chin will not make you rich. It also depends on whether your forehead is wide to determine whether this person will have great fortunes in the future. Only if your forehead is wide and your chin is full will you get rich easily.

In terms of appearance, the importance of the nose is not lost to the eyebrows. Many political and business celebrities, successful people have a good nose. Especially for men, from the nose, you can spy on whether a man's career is successful. Good-natured people have good luck. People with straight noses are very economically savvy and have a strong ability to gather wealth. They have a strong ambition and a spirit of disobedience, so they do n’t worry about spending money all their lives.

1. Blow off the face

If a man or a woman sips her lips in front of her and has fine wrinkles around her mouth, such a person will be short-lived in her fortune, and money will not be transported. The usual habit is also the master of stunting. , Also refused to spend the search.

2. Facade: Yintang is small

It depends on whether a person has a measurement. In addition to looking at his nose, he should also see if Yin Tang is wide enough. If Yin Tang is too wide, it is mentally handicapped, but Yin Tang is too narrow for a woman. Be careful about everything. Look at the breadth of the problem. Do n’t worry about it. Zhang Sanli and Sisi are both wrong and uncomfortable for yourself. Such a woman ’s character is not suitable for survival in a large group.

3. Facing the face: nose bridge like a knife, nose tip like a cone

The nose is sharp and sharp, and the nose is sharp and fleshy. It must be mean and sour. It will not consider grace when dealing with people. It is just picking the faults of others. It is very selfish and can never reach consensus with others. A woman has a sword nose, what is a sword nose? The bridge of the nose is seldom fleshy, so thin that it can be seen as bones, so that the nose is exposed like a sword blade. This kind of female is very indifferent to friends and alienated from brothers and relatives. In the way of life, there are no confidant friends. Women have this kind of sharp nose, which has the greatest impact on marriage. Few men can bear the temper of their young lady.

4. Eagle hook nose

The person with a eagle nose has a darker mind, and always loves to count others behind his back. At the same time, because his nose tip downwards, it is also related to the choice of money. The Grande's, and his mentality of spending money is not correct, always thinking of letting others spend money, so it is a face-off.

The chin and mouth also have a greater influence on the marriage life of the life master, which is also a more important part of the face. It seems that a good chin should be round and full, and if it shows an excessively sharp shape, it means that it is easy for the person to contradict his lover after marriage.

Palmistry believes that the lips of the mouth should be thick and thin, so that it will not lack respect and recognition for feelings, and will not be too obsessed with passion, so it is easy to take the initiative to derail after marriage