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The influence of Chongqing Fengshui fortune-telling on architecture

The first to define Chongqing Fengshui fortune-telling in history was Guo Pu from the Jin Dynasty. He said: "It was buried at the funeral, angry. The wind is scattered, the water is the only thing. The ancient people gathered together to stop them, So it is called Feng Shui. Fans of Yibin "Fun Book Note:" Anhydrous powder, water and air, and air and wind, so the two words of Feng Shui's research, and water are on the ground, waiting Windy Tibet, etc. "That is to say, Fengshui is an ancient life related to anger, and you can only get angry if you avoid the accumulation of wind and water.

We usually divide these buildings into: palace buildings, government buildings, public buildings, family buildings, religious buildings, garden buildings and bridge buildings.

Various buildings have their specific Feng Shui operation requirements. In addition to the individual requirements of various buildings, there are some common main laws: first, the three elements of heaven, earth, and people are the same; second, the balance of yin and yang; and third, the five elements are born together.

At the beginning of history, people in the exploration area took time as the sky, environmental space as the place, birth, month, day, and day as the people, and the reasonable combination of the three as the auspicious combination, and regarded the three as good, and vice versa.

Feng Shui fortune-telling, Feng Shui believes that all things in the world can be divided into yin and yang, the mountain is yin and water is yang, the lower is yin and upper is yang, the right is yin and left is yang, the window is yin door is yang, and the house is yin hall is yang. In the layout of architectural feng shui, it is necessary to grasp the balance of yin and yang as the auspicious and unbalanced as the fierce;

The five elements are five attributes of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Gold water, water wood, wood fire, natural gold. In the elements of architecture, modeling, structure and layout, the layout of the building and the configuration of Geely are standardized with fierce auspiciousness.

When discussing the world of feng shui fortune-telling, it is necessary to fully understand and absorb the latest achievements of academia, but also adhere to the attitude of seeking truth from facts. Feng Shui is a traditional cultural phenomenon and a popular folklore. Some patients choose to avoid fierceness. One is related to the environment and people ’s knowledge. A theory and practice system and theory house are the long-term experience accumulation of the people. From the perspective of modern scientific theory, Feng Shui is a comprehensive science of integrated geophysics, hydrogeology, environmental landscape, ecological architecture, astrology, geomagnetic orientation, meteorology and human informatics.