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The Natural Environment of Feng Shui in Chongqing Cemetery

The Fengshui in Chongqing ’s cemetery is in the natural environment. The mountains, rivers, flowers, trees and various combinations in this environment form various natural environmental landscapes. In order to create a comfortable and beautiful living environment, people will also create some human landscapes and artificial gardens and other architectural landscapes. These natural formations and artificially created environmental landscapes will have various physical, physiological and psychological effects on human beings. People are organisms with a high degree of automation and a strong ability to respond to external things. The structure, colors, even gravity, aura, etc. formed by the surrounding landscape will have an important impact on physical and mental health and career development.

The shape of the dragon's veins is different from the potential. Thousand feet is the potential, and a hundred feet is the shape. The potential is the distant view, and the shape is the close view. Potential is the cult of form, and form is the product of potential. There is potential then tangible, tangible then knows the potential, the outside lives, and the inside lives. The situation is like the wall of the city, like the brother of the Loutai. The potential is undulating peaks, shaped like a single mountain. It is difficult to recognize the potential, but easy to see the shape. The trend is the coming dragon, if the horse is galloping, if the wave of water, want it to be big and strong, special and special, and smooth. The shape should be thick, accumulate and hold gas.

One of the connotations and missions of feng shui in the cemetery is to graft the simple truth in traditional feng shui with modern environmental landscape, not only to study the aesthetic law, architectural law and botany law of environmental landscape, but also to further study the The various effects of structure, orientation, material, color, shape and field information on human physiology and psychology, so as to explore the scientific laws and methods of selecting and creating an environmental landscape conducive to human health and career development.

The back of the environment, the harmony of yin and yang. The dragon in feng shui refers to the mountain, the dragon will generate wind and the wind will be active; the dragon will only have sand, and it will be surrounded by the water, and the water will be quiet. The meaning of feng shui is to choose the place where the dragon travels, so as to take advantage of the dragon's anger and contain the vitality.

The cemetery feng shui as a complete science was born in this century; as a simple method, Chinese sages began to use it very early. Feng Shui's theoretical thinking regards the environment as a whole system. This system is centered on people, including everything in the world. Each overall system in the environment is an element of mutual connection, mutual restraint, interdependence, opposition and transformation. The function of Feng Shui is to grasp the relationship between various subsystems macroscopically, optimize the structure, and seek the best combination.