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Search for people and objects

Search for people and objects

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In daily life, there are often things that are lost and stolen, or relatives are lost, and I and my family are very anxious. As an easy-to-learn researcher, we can use the Liu Yao prediction to help them find some threads to retrieve lost items and relatives as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the six-wire lost objects are measured to see what is lost and used. If the six animals are lost, the children and grandchildren are used; the documents and certificates are used to lose the father's yuan. No matter what is valuable, the money should be regarded as the main point.

1. Look at the official ghost first. The official ghost has two meanings, one for the official and one for the thief and thief. Xuanwu is a petty thief, and Guanlin Xuanwu is a thief. 2. Look at Cai Yao, the prosperity and decline of Cai Yao. 3. Children and grandchildren, so children and grandchildren are policemen. 4. The palace where the six relatives sit, the hexagram is outside, outdoor, and far away. Gossip is inside or not far from home. 5. The strength of the spectators and descendants is strong. When the children and grandchildren are strong, officials and ghosts are weak, and thieves are easily caught. When the power of the official ghost is strong, the power of the descendants is weak, and the thief cannot catch it.

The specific method of searching for people and objects:

First remember the mantra:

Jia Zhen B left Bing Xinkun, Ding Gan and Wu Kang had their own way, Gengri lost his belongings, and Rengui could be found on Gen;

Jiajiyang, Bingengyin, and Bingxin boy invade secretly, Dingren does not show his loved ones, and Wugui loses his belongings;

At midday, you were on the roadside, Yin Shen and Hai Hai returned to their hometowns, Chen Xuhou was unmoved, and the books were very detailed;

Jiaji Wulidi, Yigengqianli Township, Bingxin for ten mile, Dingren Sanlizang, and Pinggui Reunion, this is the lost party.

Four different sets of songs, explained in detail below: (Tracing people and finding things are the same, so lost things are used here to replace various situations):

The first sentence, "Jia Zhen B leaves Bing Xinkun, Ding Gan and Wu Kang has his own way, Gengri lost things can be found, Rengui can be found on Gen". In terms of the location of things, everyone may be surprised, there is no one mentioned here which direction is southeast and northwest, how to say this is the direction of the object?