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Fate and Fate

Fate and Fate

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Doctors in the Spring and Autumn Period, seeing people's actions, talking about their misfortunes and blessings. The doctor of Chongqing Feng Shui fortune-telling in the Spring and Autumn Period saw people's speech and actions, and speculated that his curse and blessing were all unfulfilled. This can be seen in many biographies such as "Zuo Zhuan" and "Mandarin".

Someone asked: Words and actions are the appearance of the present, and the special test of scourge and disaster is the result of the future. How can the foreign minister be able to speculate on the future disaster? The reasons are as follows:

Most of the auspicious signs, cute and moving around the body.

Kyrgyzstan is the fruit, and the fierce is bitter. Most of the forerunners germinated in their hearts, but manifested in the body and language.

Those who are too thick often get a blessing, and those who are too thin often suffer.

People are thick and thin, and generous, that is, they can think more of others and take others as the most important, and meanness is to think only of themselves, selfishness, and the thickness of good roots can be separated from here.

It is manifested in language and behavior. The language is generous. It can be considerate and caring, and can give in behavior. The good is for others and the bad is for itself. This is a generous aspect. For example, to do things for others, loyal people arrive first in advance, without asking others how to treat themselves, they always have to do their best. Harsh people will never do anything that is detrimental to their own interests and treat others without paying attention.

The thickness of people's hearts is directly related to the future blessings. They are generous and considerate of others in all things. This is the predecessor of Daford; in order to ignore others and even give pain to others, there will be a big disaster in the future.

There are many vulgar eyes, that there are undecided and unpredictable.

The vulgar have karma and stupidity, and they cannot determine the relationship between karma and fruit. They said: Good deeds do not necessarily bring blessings, and good people suffer similarly.

In fact, there is an inevitable relationship between karma and fruit. Anle decides to be born from good karma, and the breeze to hell comes from good heart; pain decides to be born from bad karma, down to the physical suffering experienced by Arahant, it is all bad karma; what kind of good and evil are made What kind of bitter music results will be produced in the karma. This shows that the origin of the decision, without the slightest confusion and air consumption. Because of this rule of decision, doctors ’speculation is often very effective.