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Affair calculation

Affair calculation

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Whether in marriage or in love, a considerable enemy is probably an affair. Once an affair occurs, the original relationship may become a prison. Staying inside is a torment to you and the other half. For the other party, we can only rely on luck to hope that the other party does not encounter any strange people, and for ourselves, then it depends on perseverance! Do you think you might have an affair? Come to the psychological test to see your affair index!

0% is absolutely not tempted.

You belong to the superman level. If you love the family too much, any temptation is completely unobtrusive to you; as long as this type of person settles down and decides to marry, the temptation after marriage is basically air for him, completely invisible and without feeling, because he loves it very much Home, he is willing to do anything for the family.

40% has a colored heart but no guts.

You belong to the ordinary level. It ’s just an ordinary person, and there is a lot of swinging in the face of temptation: this type of person is bold and timid, and still appreciates the opposite sex of the heart, and even has the illusion that the other party takes the initiative and may have a one-night stand. If you want to act, you are afraid of trouble.

80% have thought and action.

You belong to the level of a saint. In the face of any temptation, we must restrain ourselves with ethics: this type of person thinks that marriage is a sacred contract, so even when tempted, we will restrain ourselves from crossing the border, and find a way to manage our role in marriage. Any temptation he will endure pain and not touch.