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As we all know, it is difficult to make a fortune by accumulating wages. To make a fortune, you must start a business or engage in various investments for money. But the vast majority of investments are high-risk and high-return. The greater the investment, the greater the risk. Once a wrong decision is made, it is likely to be lost. Therefore, investment must be carefully considered, and suitable timing and field should be selected in conjunction with numerology.

Bazi Yen is a fire, that is, Bazi Rigan is Cinghuo or Dinghuo. Yen is a person of fire. This year's luck has a lot of wealth information, but at the same time there is very obvious money-breaking information, that is, wealth has in and out, and in terms of time sequence is a process of making money after making money. Therefore, under this fortune, it is very suitable for investment and seeking wealth. First of all, investment can meet the adverse effects of fortunes and financial fortunes, and secondly, investment can bring more and greater benefits, which can be regarded as the best of both worlds. It should be emphasized that this year's Japanese people are rich in wealth and wealth, and wealth is also a wealthy star. This wealth information is very auspicious, and it means that there will be nobles to bring themselves and help themselves to seek wealth. In particular, people with weak characters must cooperate with others in seeking wealth, and the best five elements in the investment field are related to gold, which is most beneficial to the income of seeking wealth.

The Gengshen yen was weak in the first month, the first month was a brittle application, and the application was restrained during the midday fire. The application was unable to help and weaken the situation. The fate book says "the world is endless, there is no suffering in the world". Gengshen Rizhu is auspicious in terms of life. Renshui Shishen lives in Shizhu and belongs to the category of "Shishen Xiuxiu". Fortune-telling does not appear in the eight-character fortune-telling game, and there is no money to make it obvious. When doing business, generally speaking, it is more passive or unsatisfactory. The god of fortune is the motive force of making money or a wish to make money. The fortune star does not appear. Only the Universiade of the fortune star can do business and make money. Even in the case of partial wealth in a career, this short-lived phenomenon of wealth seeking will not occur until a certain period of time appears. Ugly Dayun, Zhengyin Shengsheng, Binghuowang, Renshuiwang, and the business fortune will have certain progress. Zhengyin is a kind of five-element pressure from the weak form, but this application is vigorous, and the pressure can be solved by sewing.

The eight-character Japanese yen belongs to wood, that is, the eight-character day is Jiamu or Ogi. The people of Yoshigi who are injured by the fortune see this year, which is likely to cause a lot of trouble. The serious ones will have money fortunes, injuries, or official disasters. Women are not conducive to marriage stability. If they can actively invest in money, they will help resolve the fortunes. Adverse effects. The people of Yoshigi Yoshino will benefit their career advancement this year. They should also seize the opportunity to start a business, and investing for money is also a good choice. It should be noted that people with weak characters can not invest in entrepreneurship alone, and only need to cooperate with others to benefit.