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Gay love prediction

Gay love prediction

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There is no shortage of homosexuality in ancient times. "Zuo Zhuan" records many unbalanced love between spring and autumn, including the same-sex relationship; modern society, even in China today, the prevalence of homosexuality exceeds the general recognition Know, especially in some specific groups. Regardless of whether you recognize or realize it, this is already a social reality.

As the head of the group scriptures, is there any interpretation and involvement of homosexuality? The trilogy about homosexuality in the I Ching can be positioned as the "Huozedi" trigram: This trigram has the image of "two women living together", which is exactly the imagery of lesbians. Homosexuality. From the elephant's point of view, Shang Gua Li Huo is the middle girl, Xia Gua Jin is the girl, it is the image of the two girls together; Jun is born with Hui as the central point, Li is the official, it is Li The middle female plays the male role on the top, and the female role on the bottom against the girl; Litian Tiangan is Binghuo, Dianhua Tiangan is Xinjin, the image of Bingxinhe is the image of the combination of financial officials; The house is a bed, which is the image of the two women together in the room; the mutual benefit is the image of cloud and rain.

Najia sees that the descendants of this tribe You You Jin hold the world, rushing to kill the official ghost Maomao, and the phenomenon of unfavorable marriage is obvious; and that Shi Ziyou and Guanmao are both Linyang Yao, and they are the same-sex images of their husbands. There are also a lot of homosexuals among those who are in love. The most faced by homosexuals is the forced marriage of their parents. Others such as attachment to lovers, fear of betrayal or resentment against lovers, are no different from ordinary people's relationships. On Shenyue's day, the mother asked her son's marriage.

Measure the marriage of the son, the wife and wealth are the gods, and the marriage of the wife and wealth is the son is also the daughter-in-law. Hidden under the official ghost ghost soil, it shows that the daughter-in-law has an affair; the descendant Yinmu is the son himself, and he merged with the official ghost ghost, and he married the official ghost, which is the message of homosexuality of the son; Moreover, Zi Yin and Yue Shenri were sentenced to three sentences, indicating that his son was very dissatisfied with his current marriage and was in a bad mood.