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Fortune telling

Fortune telling

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Fortune-telling and fortune-telling originally refer to the hexagram images recorded in the Book of Changes, supplemented by props (oracle bones, copper coins, yarrow, etc.) to infer the calculation process. Used for divination, misfortune, good fortune. Later extended to refer to divination generally, such as looking at the picture, touching the bone, looking at the hand picture, the four-column life and so on. Fortune-telling is the ancient people ’s fear of uncertainty about the future, and they produced the idea of ​​predicting the future. According to different fortune telling methods and inherited factions, the results obtained are very different, and the method and process of fortune telling itself are to some extent unreproducible (such as shaking Gua). Therefore, for the result of fortune telling, the number of objections and doubts is not below the affirmative number. Fortune telling can be said to be a psychological comfort activity for serving individuals, but it is completely different from the level of psychotherapists. The former is derived from superstition and the latter is derived from medical behavior.

Fortune-telling is mainly used to estimate the life of a person. The methods are: horoscope numerology, Ziwei fight number, face, palm, etc., and fortune-telling is mainly used to predict a specific thing, such as: Will investing in a project make money? How about the feng shui house you bought recently? Will company A switch to company b? Is it safe for my son to travel to Africa? Generally speaking, the divination is used to predict the business, wealth, career, official movement, work, job search, college entrance examination, male and female love, marriage and family, pregnancy birth, physical condition, treatment of injuries and illnesses, lost property search, contention Litigation officer, accidental disaster, yin and yang feng shui, fleeting luck, etc.

"The Book of Changes" is a mysterious temple. As one of the oldest and most famous books in China, it has been circulating for nearly three thousand years. In the long history of history, although people have different opinions and mixed opinions about it, we all feel its influence all the time, not only the high-level thinking mode, ethics, aesthetic consciousness, value system, philosophy and other elements of Chinese culture You can find your roots in "Book of Changes". Moreover, folk culture, customs, daily words and deeds, living standards, and astronomical calendar can also find their own sources from it. It's so profound and mysterious, and so mysterious, it still exudes an attractive luster.

For famous teachers who can read Ba Zi, encountering this kind of situation is the most difficult to express and explain. Because of good luck, and good luck, even good luck. The information of a good hit, Heheji, cannot be brought into play, for example, it will not happen for a lifetime, or it will be unhappy. In real life, there are such people occasionally. At this time, if you can combine the name for some subsidies, cooperation, and resolution, and strive to subsidize the good five elements of the Universiade, or suppress some extremely bad information in the Universiade, luck will be relatively smooth.