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A closer look at the fortune

A closer look at the fortune

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Heavenly stems are external, proactive, and subjective images; earthly branches are silent and subjective. Therefore, everyone can see, know, and feel the external images and exposed matters of the principals. For example, if you are rich in money and wealthy, you know that it is not easy to be robbed if you have money, and it is easy to be robbed if you have money. The earth branch is used as a god, and sometimes there are amazing moves. Because the god is used as a branch, everything is in the mind, and there are counts in the heart. The things done are not noticeable. If Guanlu is an official, the official represents fame, blame, and good deeds, and it is also well-known to stop the official. How to specifically happen what happened in the current year? The succession of the years is the appearance of things. It only plays an auxiliary role to the good luck and not the main luck. The new year is the cause of the accident. Therefore, Tai Sui is the god of lordship and luck. The luckiness of what happened this year is judged mainly by the fleeting branch. If the fleeting branch is happy, there are good things, and taboos are bad things. What is good is good, see what kind of information is caused by Tiangan, and what ten gods are in the right Tiangandizhi to make a specific judgment.

1. If it is done or supported, it will be related to the people and things that the representative represents. The relative represents friends, siblings, colleagues, and disputes. This is the phenomenon of the relative. For example, it is the thing represented by the fortune star to rob the wealth, that is, to defeat the wife, to break the wealth, and to defeat the father. If the local branch is used, you will get help from friends and brothers and sisters.

2. Years of age and luck are Yinxing: what happened is related to the meaning range of Yinxing's representative, such as mother, elders, study, work, unit, reputation, bills, housing, vehicles, documents, contracts, etc. In short, Yinxing represents or Things that are overcome and matched by Yinxing are for the benefit of gaining benefits in this area, and for fear of losing benefits in this area.

3. Sui Jun is a wealth star, and things related to his wife, father, wealth, body, work, and marital feelings will happen (the wealth star represents desire, the wealthy person, the desire is high, the possessive desire is strong, etc.). If the wealth stars pass through the ages, the Lord will inevitably seek high wealth, or pursue the desire of women. If it is a bogey, it will cause disasters due to the people and things represented by the wealth. It is the matter of India Star. If it is not the India, it is the matter of Fortune Star itself. As for whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, let's talk about it.

4. Suijun is an official killer: things related to injuries, illnesses, lawsuits, criminals, and positions, official positions, fathers, jobs, occupations, positions, and reputation will happen. If you like to use God, you will get an official, a position, and a reputation. If you are afraid of it, you will commit a villain, a lawsuit, a job loss, or a disaster. If the official kills the punishment, it is the thing represented by the brothers of K. The punishment is the message of itself. Not only is this the official killing, but the others also depend on the taboo.

5. Suijun is a food injury: it represents injury and illness disasters, official disasters, published works (expressions), speeches, speeches, displays, and travel, travel, and injury officers. The female fate represents Koff, represents marriage feelings (eating injury represents the emotional line), represents investment, planning, etc., if you like to use God, because of the benefits in this respect, if you avoid it, you will lose because of this matter. Depends on the taboo of fleeting.