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Pregnancy and childbirth prediction

Pregnancy and childbirth prediction

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Traditional numerology believes that the key to looking at one's children's movement is to look at the interaction between the child star and the child's house and the Universiade and the fleeting years, and then a comprehensive judgment can be made to reach the conclusion of pregnancy and childbirth prediction.

First, look at the actress.

For the female fate, the god of food and the wounded star represent their daughters and sons respectively. If the god of food and the star of the wounded official in the eight characters are ordered or born in the month, or have roots in the ground, they will not be restrained too much. This person has a fate of children and is not bad in fertility. If the star is too strong in the bazi, the food star is too large, or the fortune is too rich, and the child star is too much, it means that the girl has great difficulties in raising children; if the star is not obvious, it is even more It's hard to ask for a heir. Therefore, if a woman is suffering from food and injury, the child star will be the root, or if the child is lucky to restrain the star, and the child star will be saved.

Second, see the children's palace.

The children's palace is the time pillar in the eight characters, and it is also the palace where the women's children live. In the original game, it is too taboo to be too much, and it is not suitable to be in a place of decay, illness, death, extinction, or there is a desperation, otherwise explain The girl had a difficult time asking for children, but her children were weak. Therefore, if the woman's good luck or the years of the world are desperately supported by the solution, or by the solution of the solution, or the local support of the penalty and the harm of the child's palace, it is appropriate to create a baby at this time.

Choosing a favorable year to have children will not only be better for the children in the future, but also strengthen the relationship between the couple. Some couples often quarrel and have different feelings before they have no children, but after giving birth to children, they are still in love and their feelings are more firm. In addition to seeing the zodiac signs that cannot be overcome, we can also look at the combination of eight characters and ten gods. It is best for us to have children in the year of the gods. This will make it easier to produce healthy, smart, and smart babies. Pregnant in October, the child's physical health and good luck, the relationship with the mother is the most intimate, and the mother has the greatest influence on the child in the future. These eight-character female lives are not suitable for children next year. It is best to avoid birth next year.

1. The Japanese yen is weak, and the women who have Renshui in the column. This year 2018 is the year that the owl robbed the food. In such a year, pregnant and childbirth, it is easy to miscarriage or difficult delivery, or the child is in good health Poor, such a character, it is best not to prepare for a child next year.

2. The Japanese yen is Gengxin gold and there are many people who are not ugly in the eight characters. This year in 2018, the soil was very prosperous, which increased the strength of the soil. The soil was the seal of the owl. If your own character is too strong, then it will be unlucky to have a baby in the year next year.

3. The children's star is in the territories in the eight-character, but the penal penetrating situation between the Wuxu and self-women in 2018 next year is not good for the children, and this year's birth is prone to miscarriage or the children's health is not healthy.