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Repayment forecast

Repayment forecast

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Money, the fortune-telling of the eight characters in Chongqing is an indispensable thing in this society. Because of money, we can also recognize the people around us, see the hearts of people when borrowing money, and see the character when paying back money. In a person's life, there is always a hurry to use money. The person who can use the money urgently and lend it to you unconditionally is the noble person in your life. We always say that we have many good friends and confidants, but when we use money, we know whether those are really good friends or confidants. And some people, under the guise of friends, when borrowing money, the phone can't get through, and no one can find it. When you don't need to borrow money, he appears again. The people's heart is thus revealed. People who are willing to borrow your money are all people who trust you. We should cherish such friends, because such friends are really few in today's society. People who are willing to borrow your money, do n’t trample on the integrity he gave us, he trusts you, and do n’t lose your trust in him. Loyalty is the most important. When repaying money, it is the time to see the character most. Sometimes, we borrowed other people ’s money, and at the agreed time, he did n’t pay it back, or even could n’t contact him when he paid back the money. Let us not be too angry. For such a person, it would be better not to lend him money next time. When we borrow money from others, we must keep our promise. Others trust you and lend you money. We must also keep our promise and return it to him on time. It ’s easy to borrow and repay, and it ’s not difficult to borrow again. This is a friend.

The test of loans and loans mainly depends on Shi Yao, Ying Yao, Cai Yao, and Shi Yao Wang, indicating that the trust is high and that they have strength; Ying Yao is a bank, a loan issuing unit, and a lender. It ’s better not to match the world, but the other party does n’t want to borrow money. The money is better than the world. The proactive party does n’t want to borrow. The prosperity of the wealth represents the amount of the loan. Debt collection mainly depends on three Yaos, one is Shi Yao, the other is Ying Yao and Shi Yao, and the other is the rise and fall of Cai Yao. Shi Yao Wang Elephant represents the luck of the test taker and the method of debt collection is not clever, Shi Yao Ke Duo explained that he can suppress the other party and can force the other party to repay the debt. The combination of Shi Yao and Ying Yao shows that the other party has the sincerity to pay back the money. As for whether the money can be repaid, it also depends on whether the other party has money. Cai Yaowang explained that if he has money, he can ask for it. If Ying Yinghong overcomes the world Yao, it means that the other party does not want to repay the money, and he can't take the other party. Cai Yaokong means that the other party has no money, and Cai Yaowang means that he has no money to return.