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Official promotion promotion test

Official promotion promotion test

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The official sports methods are three-point luck, five-point background and seven-point action. The speed of promotion can be determined by the background. Status and ability are also very high. Behind the scenes, surgery. Guan Yunchu, a sharp student, walked into the official sea. He has no qualifications and insufficient background. With three points of luck, he didn't need a five point background, he only relied on the seven point operation, and listened to the opinions of the superiors. Eventually he could understand the officialdom of Samadhi, and eventually became a civilian group, becoming a background close to each other. There are ups and downs in luck, and ups and downs in the official movement, but if you have a clear understanding and careful operation, it is bound to be good luck, and the official movement will naturally prosper. Disclaimer: If there are similarities with reality, it can be understood as an absolute coincidence or a reflection of parallel space. Please do not sit on the correct sign. For officials, achieving the goals of lifting weights, turning fossils into gold, and raising awareness is an official spirit. The eyes are red, and the officials are gods. Mr. Xia has had a forward-looking advantage for 12 years. He hopes to stand at the crossroads of college graduation again, to recall the missed life and cherish the opportunities in front of him. He wanted to plan his life. So, starting from the secretary of the county party committee, he rushed into the officialdom with a peculiar leap. Ten years later, everyone who knew him called him the official God.

People born in the lunar calendar in April are born with noble spirits. I have strong abilities, amazing judgment, meticulous observation, rich knowledge, and flexible minds, so no matter where I am, even if it is a worker from the workshop, my future status must continue to improve. Their promotional activities are also sufficient to promote their promotion. People born in September have also been promoted. They can start at the grassroots level, but no matter what they do, they are all serious and responsible. They are particularly popular and easily supported by others. Sooner or later, such people are not ordinary things in the swimming pool. Once luck comes, once the opportunity comes, they will be promoted, and will not thereafter. up.

Official Transportation Hengtong: also called exuberant. The shape originated from ancient bronzes. Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku and Xuanwu are decorated with flat bottles. The copper coins sprout are decorated with sprouts on all sides. A symbol of peace and auspiciousness, wealth is rolling in, and official transportation is flourishing. Wei Xiangge Jun Porcelain is an official and an official. Feng Xiang Ge Fengshui's experts shaped their secret characters based on Fuzhu's fatalism. You can put your home in a safe place and make a fortune. It has the best scrolling options and higher levels.