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Divination Lawsuit

Divination Lawsuit

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There are many ways to predict Zhouyi, among which the eight-character prediction and Liuyao divination are the most representative and most commonly used. However, many people do not understand the difference between these two types of operations, and often ask: "Which is more accurate, which is the eight-character prediction and the Liu Yao divination?" "Which prediction method should I choose?" Divination is two different forecasting tools, each with its own advantages. I believe that my friends who often read my blog are already familiar with the Bazi prediction. Today we will talk about the lawsuit of Liu Yao's divination prediction.

People in the society will inevitably encounter uncomfortable things, or they are careless, and at the moment they have greed and made mistakes, resulting in prison, or they have been wronged and imprisoned. Or because of various situations and conflicts with people to fight for lawsuits, no matter what the situation is, I want peace. Using Liu Yao forecast can determine the development trend of things and help to find methods and ways to solve problems.

· Prediction of prison detention, etc., with the tested person as the god. Parents look at their parents, children look at their children and grandchildren, and they look at Shi Yao and so on. Use Shenwangxiangji, use God to take prisoner for murder.

· Use the god to see the three sentences, and enter the tomb as prison information. Use gods, bogey gods, punishment Yao, and tombs are mostly Suzaku, snake, Gou Chen. Gou Chen is the cell, Suzaku is the official, and the snake is the bundling. These combinations are all messages to prison.

◎ To judge the reason, look at the single hair alone, or look at the six gods who use the god who is there, and sometimes it seems that the six gods who use the god torture.

· Qinglong is caused by wine color, and it is also caused by drug addiction. Suzaku's documents, accounts, secrets, and descriptions are fields or houses, or are involved. The snake is abducted or wronged. Bai Hu caused murder, fights, traffic accidents, etc. Xuanwu caused porn theft and corruption.

· Sometimes I also watch six relatives. Parents are involved in documents, secrets, intellectual property rights, accounts, etc., brothers are involved in friends, or snatched, wives are women, money, problem solving, children and grandchildren are medicine, children, animals, etc., officials and ghosts are for triads, public affairs, etc.

The parents are the champions, the world is born, the world is born, the world is dead, and the hexagrams in the world blame others for themselves. Launched at Ying Yao, Ying Yao should be transformed, should be born parents, Ying Yao should be launched, and the other party should be the plaintiff.