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  • Fortune telling

    Fortune telling

    The original refers to the calculation process by using props (oracle bones, copper coins, yarrow, etc.) based on the hexagrams recor

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  • Repayment forecast

    Repayment forecast

    Money is an indispensable thing in this society. Because of money, we can also recognize the people around us, see the

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  • Pregnancy and childbirth prediction

    Pregnancy and childbirth prediction

    Traditional numerology believes that the key to looking at one's children's movement is to look at the interaction between the child

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  • A closer look at the fortune

    A closer look at the fortune

    Heavenly stems are external, proactive, and subjective images; earthly branches are silent and subjective. Therefore, everyone can se

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  • Gay love prediction

    Gay love prediction

    There is no shortage of homosexuality in ancient times. "Zuo Zhuan" records many unbalanced love between spring and autumn, including

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  • Investment


    As we all know, it is difficult to make a fortune by accumulating wages. To make a fortune, you must start a business or engage in va

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  • Affair calculation

    Affair calculation

    Whether in marriage or in love, a considerable enemy is probably an affair. Once an affair occurs, the original relationship may beco

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  • Fate and Fate

    Fate and Fate

    Doctors in the Spring and Autumn Period, seeing people's actions, talking about their misfortunes and blessings. The do

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  • Search for people and objects

    Search for people and objects

    In daily life, there are often things lost and stolen, or relatives lost, and I and my family are very anxious. As an e

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  • Divination Lawsuit

    Divination Lawsuit

    There are many ways to predict Zhouyi, among which the eight-character prediction and the Liu Yao (yao second tone) divination are th

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  • Official promotion promotion test

    Official promotion promotion test

    The official sports methods are three-point luck, five-point background and seven-point action. The speed of promotion

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