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Ziwei bucket number

Ziwei bucket number

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The number of Ziwei bucket, the number of Antarctic gods, the number of Arctic gods, the number of iron gods and the number of Shaozi gods have been called "five gods" by Chinese people. Its philosophical basis and way of thinking originated from "Book of Changes". The other four spell numbers are now very few, but Ziwei Doushu can be said to have a very high status in contemporary star life. It has always enjoyed the prestigious name of "the number of the first god in the world" in the field of Chinese mathematics. The number of Ziwei Dou comes from "The Book of Changes". It is said that the book "Book of Changes" was originally a book of heaven. Fourteen hexagrams. The number of Ziwei Dou is evolved from "The Book of Changes", but its specific birth process is divergent. The most reliable one was invented by Lu Dongbin and later passed on to Taoist Chen Tuan.

Ziwei Doushuo is the eastern astrology. Ziweidoushuo also has 14 main stars. Human thoughts are dominated by Tianqian, and 14 main stars play a small role. Ziwei Doushu does not construct human luck, but constructs human thoughts and talents. Everyone's thoughts are in the heart, the same fate backs, but the ideas and motives are different. It is not the same as the fortune telling technique. Each main star in Ziwei can be split into several auxiliary stars, corresponding to its characteristics. A deeper understanding of the main star and auxiliary stars can help to understand the nature of fate in depth. The auxiliary star is supported by the main star and can also reflect a huge Energy, the main star and the auxiliary star can support each other in pairs, such as the purple microstar, also known as the North Star, and the Big Dipper rotates around it four seasons. If you compare Tian to a funnel, then Ziweixing is the top of this funnel. The initial meaning of Ziweixing is to guide the direction. We can understand this star from the guidance direction. Split into Longchi, angels, and Ziwei as emperor stars, but they do not actually manage too many things. They are more spiritual leaders and formulate guiding ideology. They are particularly good at speculating about human character, good at understanding the human heart, human nature, Ziwei is more like A spiritual mentor brings people dreams and pursuits. For the human body, it is the brain and head, which brings others ideals and beliefs.