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Forecast Peach Blossom

Forecast Peach Blossom

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    Chongqing predicts that peach blossom is one of the ancient Chinese divination methods. Now the number of gossip elephants and the heart of the plum blossom are all nicknames for the plum blossom. The origin of the number of plum blossoms is said to be the mysterious method of Ma Yi Taoist, Chen Xiyi and so on. Later, it became the commonly used number of hearts and minds in the Northern Song Dynasty Shao Kang Festival (name Yong, Kang Festival is a posthumous name). After this number was passed down by Mr. Shao, it also made Yi Xue more important in the field of fortune-telling. It was renamed Meihua Yishu after Shao Kang Festival.

To check the year of the peach blossom season, it is generally necessary to analyze the following five aspects of peach blossom induction:

The first kind, like to use God to sense. The happy use of the lucky luck in the eight years of the Chinese character means that you are going to be lucky, and good things will happen. Among unmarried young men and women, as long as they are happy, they will easily encounter better peach blossoms, and there will be love induction. As long as the problem of emotional marriage in the original character is not particularly serious, there is a great chance of love and marriage in the happy year.

The second kind, the husband and wife palace induction. In the eight-character prediction, the land branch in the calendar on the day of birth is used as the husband and wife palace. The territorial branches of the new year are the same as the territorial branches of the husband and wife, or they are in conflict with the wifeless palace or the husband and wife. For example, people born in Jia Yinri regard Yin as the husband and wife's palace, and Yin Shen and Shen Hai meet each other. During the years of Yinnian, Shennian, and Hainian, there are husband and wife palaces.

The third kind, the couple star induction. The male character is characterized by a fortune star and the female character is characterized by an official killing. When couple stars appear in the fleeting years, it often indicates that there will be heterosexual relationships. For example, when Geng or Xinjin are in the eight characters, the girl is in Tiangan. When the fire occurs in Tiangan or the local fire in Dizhi, the boy is likely to have a love relationship with peach blossoms in Tiangan.

The fourth type is the induction of eating injury. The esophageal star is called the peach star of desire in the eight-character prediction. Belong to the child star in the broad sense of men and women. In the new years, when a person senses a character's horoscope star, the communicative ability will often be enhanced. There are many uneasy thoughts in the heart, and it is easy to have peach blossom induction such as intimate contact.