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Taiyi God Number

Taiyi God Number

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The Taiyi god number is also called the Taiyi number. Taiyi is a kind of magic number, and it is the head of the three types. ("Three types" is the three secret techniques in ancient Chinese magic numbers Taiyi, Qimen, and Liurentong. Called "three types"), is an ancient high-level predictive science, it is said that the Tai Yi type produced the Yellow Emperor War Chi You. "Five General Turtles in Qimen" said: "The former Huangdi made Taiyi, Thunder Duke or Nine Palaces after the fate of the wind, with the number of Linggui Luoshu ┄," imitating Yili, which belongs to the study of the Book of Changes Jingxiang. The method is based on the "Yi Wei. Dry Chiseling" Taiyi Nine Palace Method. Adopting the 5th and 6th century, 360 is a major cycle, and 72 is a small cycle. Tai Yi lives in each palace for three years, does not enter the middle palace, turns around in 24 years, and travels for 72 years Phase III. Taiyi has Yin and Yang escape stations, year, month, and day; Yang Yin and Yang escape are used; after the winter solstice, Yang escape station is used; after summer solstice, Yin escape station is used. Go straight through the Ninth House, not into the Middle House. Yin Dunqi's first game of Tai Yi started in the Nine Palace. Nine palaces retrograde, not the middle palace. There is a clear difference from the Dunjia style. Taiyin Yinyang escapes the eighth house, but does not enter the fifth house. Why do n’t you enter the middle palace? The ancient books explain that the Taiyi Palace is based on astronomical observations. Taiyi takes the form of the North Star, the North Pole is the body, the North Dipper is used, the North Dipper rotates around the North Pole, and the North Dipper is the car used by the North Star. In this way, Emperor Xing traveled to the Eight Directions of the Eighth House (the direction of the Eighth House), and he could predict wind, rain, drought, military disaster and famine, and the rise and fall of chaos, so Taiyi studied the Eighth House instead of entering the Middle Five.

The Taiyi 5 will be the Taiyi Superintendent, the main admiral (Wenchang), the guest admiral (start), the main admiral (including the main participant), and the guest general (including the guest participation). The Taiyi Superintendent will lead the sixteen gods, and the heaven and earth will have their luck and decay, which is the general trend. Others will be divided into different situations, understand the inside and outside, set the subject and the guest, and generate and develop the relative balance of luck and luck. The changes will be reflected specifically. It is like two instruments of Tai Chi, four images of two instruments, quiet and vivid, dynamic and static, dynamic and static, intertwined biochemically, demonstrating all phenomena, around the common law of the time and the vibration of the rhythm of the past and the present, and the world should be universal. The five generals, the main calculation, the guest calculation, and the fixed calculation are calculated by the common Taiyi accumulating year according to their different movement cycles.There is an essential frequency dynamic point between them, and thus different luck transport fields are generated. The five elements of the Sangke cycle have to respond, interlace, and move in a balanced manner. During the movement, they form a close relationship, restrict each other, and influence each other to play a key role in personnel. They can always guide and split the response.