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Fortune is about the foundation of a person's life. Fortune is always up and down. When the fortune is good, it is natural that everything goes smoothly. Career, wealth, and marriage are all in the upper hand, and the spring breeze is proud. But when the fortunes deviate, they are subject to restraint everywhere, and everything is unfavorable. Destiny cannot be violated, and the luck can be mastered. When the fortune is unfavorable and the downturn is very low, we must resolve the evil spirit in time and increase the fortune to change the unfavorable situation and get back to success! Tend to avoid evil, and turn good at evil.

The craftsman previously said in the "This kind of high-priced" cabbage "that many people lined up to grab it ~" The meaning of "cabbage" in the past generations, whether in ancient or modern times, people like to put "a cabbage" at home, representing The meaning of lucky money. So how should the "Chinese Cabbage" with the meaning of lucky money and treasure be placed at home? Let's take a look at how the "carved cabbage" is placed. Let's take a look at what the "Cabbage" represents with various animal and plant carvings. Carved cabbage has both a single cabbage shape and a shape combined with other animals and plants. For example, spiders, grasshoppers, golden toads, gourds and other combined shapes. Cabbage + gourd: has the sound of "Fulu", also has the meaning of passing down from generation to generation; cabbage + grasshopper: homophonic with the country, meaning the country is rich and rich; cabbage + money bag: has the meaning of making money from generation to generation; cabbage + money: It implies the life of a financial partner. Cabbage + spider: has the meaning of contentment.

Pixiu ornaments: Pixiu is a kind of mythical beast in ancient mythology, and people also call this mythical beast as four different things. The Chronicle in the Qing Dynasty has records that if you want to prevent thieves, just place the brave ornaments in your home. Folks have such a legend about the brave pig. The brave pig is divided into male and female, and the male represents wealth and wealth. The female represents the treasury and keeps the money. Therefore, arranging brave feng shui ornaments in the office can play a role in attracting wealth and preventing money leakage.

Jin Chan ornaments: Folklore has a toad that can spit money and has the ability to raise money. This toad endangered the world for a hundred years. Later, a Taoist leader passed by and decided to kill the people. The toad did not lose a foot, so he turned into a humanoid and admitted to the Taoist Master. He really regretted it. The governor saw that he had the ability to find money, so he made it help people discover the source of money and help the poor people. Therefore, the world called this toad "Shoucai three-legged toad".