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In fact, people's destiny is very complicated, and it is very difficult to calculate it accurately. However, the problems involved in changing luck are even more complicated. Netizens often ask me how this year is and how to avoid it; how to make money in recent years and how to make a fortune. These questions are not unanswerable, but transshipment and transportation are not solved by a single sentence, nor are they followed. Anything that can be done casually can only be achieved by professional tactics of the veterans who have many years of experience.

Houses and houses converted to houses with legal persons will change their own fortunes, or increase or decrease transportation. Therefore, we need to understand the layout of the house's feng shui, for example, the door to the window, the bedroom has a mirror, the bed head is flushed, the kitchen is opposite the bathroom, the door of the house is opposite the door of the house of others, etc. These are the patterns that are likely to cause a decline in luck , Need to adjust well: or hang the door curtain or move the bed head, etc. 2. The color change method is based on the preferred color of the five elements. If the preferred color of the five elements is yellow, yellow is optional. It can be embodied in the usual clothes, furniture, bed linen, wall covering wallpaper, floor tiles, green pencils, pens, etc.

The name change method is changed according to the number of characters and characters. For example, if your five elements are short of water, then it is better to have the words next to the water in your name, and then refer to the five-column principle of the name, then your name will be your good name. 4. Reorientation of the direction of transportation The method of orientation adjustment is based on the number of the eight characters and five elements, such as: 1. The five elements are short of water, and it is advisable to seek development in the north of the birthplace. 2. Lack of wood in his five elements, it is advisable to seek development in the east of the birthplace. 3. If you lack gold in your five elements, you should seek development in the west of your birthplace. 4. If you lack soil in your five elements, you should seek development in your birthplace. 5. If you lack fire in your five elements, you should seek development in the south of your birthplace. Ba Ziguan is a favorite user, it is appropriate to eat more fish and meat, make more military and political, legal professionals, and strengthen communication with the boss, female life is best for recruiting male assistants, or cooperating with men, etc. You can go to government departments, courts and other places to go shopping nearby; Fengshui should be dedicated to Guan Gong, and offices should be lined with national flags, party flags, artillery decorations, etc. to defeat competitors, resist workplace villains, and improve work luck.