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Feng Shui Transshipment

Feng Shui Transshipment

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Everyone wants their family to be lucky, but maybe you do n’t know that some seemingly unimportant home and office habits, or your previous life and working environment, will affect your luck. The following is a list of feng shui transshipments that are based on ethics. Do you compare it with you?

1. Be famous in front of the house

If you have an open "famous hall" in front of your living or working environment, it is a sign of good luck. On the contrary, there are high objects suppressing and blocking in front of the door, the vision in front of the door is not open, and there are independent big trees and telephone poles in front of the main door, which will seriously affect the business fortune. Wei Li believes that there are obstacles in front of the door and the future is uncertain.

2. Clean and bright in front of the door

In front of the door must be clean and bright, so as to be prosperous. On the contrary, some friends like to pile debris in front of their homes, and they will have problems. Garbage and sundries are also. It is easy to break the money and make the money unable to accumulate. Wei Li believes that the front door is tattered and the daily loss is huge.

3. The less debris, the more wealth

Human wealth is definitely not accumulated by clutter. When there is more sundries, there is less money. Wei believes that in the same space, the more debris there is, the less money there will be; the rich do n’t use things but debris, and will often clean up and discard them; the poor will pile debris and unused waste everywhere. In the past, the feng shui mantra was: Five yellows and two blacks in a mixed land will cause problems and problems.

4. Brilliant lights, beaming

Whether it is a home or an office, the lights are bright and cheerful, and the positive energy is enough. Of course, the luck will be very good, because the geography of Feng Shui believes that the lights are bright, the surplus is rich, and the luck is good. On the contrary, if the light of the house is dim, the money is slow; the light is wealth and hope. If the light is dim, it will be difficult to enter the money, even if it is entered, the amount is small and the speed will be slow. Reminder: In the science of science, the T-character is Tiangancai, and the Hai-character is territorial wealth. In the past, the rich people of the rich have never been stingy about the lights. In order to save, some friends are reluctant to shine brightly. On the contrary, homes and offices are always darkly lit. Then, positive energy will definitely be reduced.

5. Don't put a bed beside the sanitary door

Near the desk is facing the bathroom door, and the home bed is facing the bathroom door, which will affect people's luck and cause problems in the kidney or urinary system. Therefore, remind friends that if there is such a situation, you must correct it before you can be lucky.