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Feng Shui accessories

Feng Shui accessories

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Today's young men and women like to wear accessories.Do you know that due to the five-element attributes and texture, there are knot accessories and great metaphysical effects, and some of your colleagues always bring some accessories that you don't know. Well, Tianyi is here to reveal for everyone.

1. Peach wood bracelet

2. Crystal has the function of stimulating women's partial wealth. The citrine has the role of peach blossom.

3. Dai Jade Buddha is particularly lucky, but wearing fake ancient jade can be harmful to health and damage to wealth.

4. Button-type wallets gather money, zipper-type wallets leak money

5. Men with gold rings must bring their left hand and use the wealth to avoid evil. If you wear two on the same hand, the color should be the same.

6. Zhong Kui usually wears jade pendants and olive pendant pendants on mobile phones.After the light is turned on, he is favored by the majority of friends because of his prosperity, money avoidance, blockage, and anti-villain. , Especially the Zhong Kui pendant of the mobile phone, pretending to make a phone call to control the villain can make it unlucky ...

7. Di Ting integrates all the functions of the gods and beasts in one body, more than the belt. It is suitable for men. It is equipped with the belt after opening.

8. Ghost King bracelets, suitable for men with high financial fortune, most of the texture is bone, jade, olive core. .So pay special attention to protection after wearing it, once it is damaged, the reaction is extremely great.

9. Jiulong Yuzun, Wang Quan, Chief Official.