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When the Buddha was alive, he never taught people how to overdo or overdo someone. The Buddha spoke a thousand words, only one heart. He tells a thousand words, just to make you understand: how did your world come from? What does your world have to do with your heart? ——How your heart creates your world. Once you can understand how your heart creates your world, once you understand the relationship between the heart and the world you think, well, you really understand the Buddha's teachings. OK, you become a Buddha. Once you understand what the Buddha understands, you are the Buddha. It's that simple. When the Buddha was alive, he never taught mystery or mystery. He does not tell you stories about ghosts, spirits, reincarnations, reincarnations, or reincarnations. He only tells you the heart. Once you understand the heart, well, everything is self-evident. Ghosts, undeads, reincarnations, or excesses, etc., appear in the deceived heart, and an era of deluded people appears. Once the mind is clear, these will disappear. Like the sun coming out of fog or darkness, or the mysterious and strange phenomenon does not exist. In the era when Fa-rectification is prevalent, the mysterious phenomenon will not appear.

In fact, many people do n’t know that Buddhism has one of the best practices that everyone can use, and it works well for the over-dead. That is the “Professor Zhong You Hearing the Secret Method of Emancipation”. It can be understood as a divinely leaked sacred machine. It is praised as the supreme secret method that can be liberated without practice. This method is a secret method that has become a Buddha without practice, and is the core of all sequels. The key to a professor ’s reliance on hearing is to be free; if he is to be seen, he is to be freed. He only needs to hear once, even if he has five innocent sins, he must be eliminated, and in an instant, he will be justified. Never before, not just for death, can be used as a guide to common sense of life and death in the world, a policy of eternal life insurance, a lighthouse in the nether world.) And, after the practice, it can verify whether the dead are going to the pure land of life. In particular, ordinary Buddhist disciples, as long as they read this method more than seven times, fully comprehend its content (which can be remembered at the end of life), it can almost be said that you can no longer practice any other methods (including Povara) and you can also go to the pure land. This is arguably the most special, safest, and simplest Buddhist method among the thousands of methods.