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Ward off evil spirits

Ward off evil spirits

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The broad sense of evil spirits, or the evil spirits in folklore should refer to an act and some forms of etiquette that it causes. What we say in the history of art is a narrow sense of evil spirits, a kind of physical form entrusted by the broad sense of evil spirits, or a tool of evil spirits. Therefore, the evil spirits in the broad sense can be called "evil evil behaviors", the tools used in evil spirits in evil behaviors can be called "evil evil tools", and the art of evil spirits can be called the noun "evil evil". In order to carry out evil rituals, people have created a variety of methods, such as chanting mantras, jumping gods, offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, etc. In this way, we must rely on the help of some foreign objects, such as mantras, magic mirrors and some special Stones and so on.

The evil spirits originated from the horrible symbols in the primitive religion and are the objects of taboo, as opposed to totems. Different tribes have different backgrounds, and the objects of totems and taboos are also different. Evil evil means avoiding evil: "Evil" means avoiding evil, "Evil" means evil, and "bad". In the folk tradition, the evil spirits are all used to destroy fire, water, soldiers, and vehicles. These can be called evil spirits.

The magical character is written in accordance with ancient methods, and it blends the numbers of the world and the world. The charm is a carrier to open the energy field of the heavens and earth and communicate with the spirits and spirits of the spirit world. Its particularity requires that the person who draws the spell must be famous, and the skill is deep. The painted charm must be stamped with the heavenly teacher's seal that has been burnt for years. The Taoist apocalypse Zhenfu symbolizes the blessings of the gods such as Taishang Laojun, Sanguan Emperor, Zhenwu Emperor, etc., to protect the body from the scourge of wealth, prison, sickness and blood. In 2012, if you want to ward off evil spirits, the first choice is to avoid evil and to prevent evil. If the evil spirits are used to make the house uneasy, you can also ask the Fengshui town house symbol. Fengshui Town House Fufu invites the Five Gods of the Earth, the Tongtian Jieshen to act, and the Three-Emperor Emperor to take charge, which can make peace safe. Finally, a friend who commits Tai Sui can ask for the Tai Sui symbol. The Tai Sui symbol has the magical effect of luck, prosperity, and resolution of various disasters for those who commit Tai Sui (just in time with their natal year) and those who are out of luck.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, people often used turtles as evil spirits. Turtle-shaped stoves, turtle-shaped kettles and other cultural relics have been seen. Legend has it that the turtle was one of the nine sons of the dragon. The dragon gave birth to nine sons, but none of them had a Jackie Chan. What is particularly embarrassing is that one of them was actually a turtle, the "son of a turtle." In order to express the punishment for the "tortoise son" and "king of the eight calves", the Han people made them suffer greatly, or made utensils to be cooked, or put their load on the steles to show the suppression. In the tomb of Leitai Han, eight stone turtles were placed on the four corners of two coffins respectively, which means "suppression". It expresses the anger of the owner of Leitai Han's torture of his descendants.