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An Interpretation of the Palmistry in Chongqing relative to Women

In the palmistry of Chongqing , if the woman ’s eyes appear watery, there is no precautionary mentality, the eyes are slightly blushing, the eyes are like peach blossoms, and the eyes are slightly upturned. I like to listen to the man ’s rhetoric and whoever thinks that. Do n’t try to persuade that when you hit your head with blood, you wo n’t admit defeat, so women who insist on not recognizing themselves, never expect them to be emotionally consistent. A woman who is deceived is destined to be restless emotionally and is easily derailed.

From the hairline to Yintang to the mountain roots, the lines are disordered, with horizontal stripes and diagonal stripes. This kind of woman's mind is what we say: in Cao Ying's heart, he is very promiscuous in terms of feelings. Even a married woman will There is a family outside the home. I am never afraid of her husband discovering that she is born with a heterosexual relationship. She can be a dog for many men, but such a woman will definitely be retaliated, and she will be bleak in her old age and no one will hurt.

Forehead flat, brow light, short drooping eye corners, flat nose, slightly protruding mouth, such girls love to complain and have no sense of security, they are cowardly and afraid of things, and they hope that men with family will give a sense of security on the spiritual material

Palmistry believes that the national character can be an official. This is the thinking of the ancients. In fact, it is not a national word. You can still be an official. For example, an officer with weak cheeks is only slightly weaker in terms of faithfulness and fulfillment, and his face is like a full moon. Men can marry virtuous wives and women. Have property and enjoyment. For those with narrow foreheads and low hairlines, the ancients meant that they could not be officials, but modern times also have officials. For example, the Japanese prime minister has a low forehead. Such officials have a far-sightedness to do things for others.

For those with rough skin, they spend more time in their lives, or they are more attentive, and their skin is as smooth as fat. This is a blessed woman who can enjoy ready-made wealth. The man has a narrow forehead, a low forehead, and a small amount of eyebrows. He looks around. This is a short-sighted person. It is a rare test.

Palmistry believes that if the hand is fully grasped, this is a woman with qi and qi, and the qi is enough to do things and be determined. The man's forehead is broad, his eyebrows match, and his eyebrows are delicate and slightly curved.