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Chongqing predicts the specific definition of peach blossom

Chongqing predicts that the specific definition of peach blossom is very complicated. Anyway, as long as you fall in love or meet each other, then it must happen in the peach blossom period. The wife and husband are actually a type of peach blossom. There are many materials on the Internet that are talking about Venus crazy. Faces and constellations, for example, people who are in the golden earth punishment will be late in love, and the fifth house with Saturn will be in late love, etc. In fact, these statements are wrong, those who only represent your love concept, such as the men of Venus lion are not If you like chasing women, the Venus Capricorn man likes to show his favor to the person he likes or even to make a cow or a horse for his lover!

But it can't be said that the golden lion must be better than the golden Capricorn's brilliance. How much love and luck is more! Actually, the peach blossom period is only related to the position of Venus, and it has nothing to do with the phase of the golden lion, golden capricorn, golden archer and Venus Relationship! The quality of Venus is only closely related to their attitude towards feelings, such as how to show love, how to chase people, how to accept each other's mentality, etc.

Peach Blossom predicts that the peach blossom star in the month of birth is called "Peach Blossom in the Wall". If there is no serious incoordination between the peach blossom and the birth year, birthday or birth (ie, rushing together, etc.), it means that the marriage is happy and the couple is loving. But the peach blossoms that appear on birthday or birth can be much more serious. This peach blossom is called "peach blossom outside the wall", which is the most unlucky, especially for women.

The hit peach blossom refers to the peach blossom information in one of the eight characters of the birthday. "Peach Blossom" is not derogatory, it refers to someone who has artistic sentiment in his temperament, loves aesthetics, romantic romance, heterosexuality, etc. Of course, Peach Blossom Information is not good for hits, people will be more romantic, and heterosexual relationships are easy to derail. The so-called "peach blossom" refers to the great luck of someone's luck in peach blossom information. The opposite sex is very good, and the person is very romantic, fascinating the opposite sex, and performing well in the art field.

In a broad sense, the prediction of peach blossom is divided into fate and sin fate. The fate here generally refers to good peach blossom, such as small peach blossom or large peach blossom. Small peach blossom refers to the small power of peach blossom. Get married. The big peach blossom refers to the heterosexual destiny that has been destined in the Ming Dynasty, and the other half is suitable. These big peach blossoms generally refer to the marriage marriage destined to become a couple in the Ming Dynasty. The big peach blossom will remain for a long time even if it is not married. There is also a kind of sin fate, sin fate refers to bad peach blossoms, the best example is rotten peach blossoms, rotten peach blossoms generally refer to encountering bad opposite sex and ending soon, but you can not let go or be deceived Marriage.