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Is the palmist face in Chongqing caused by the environment?

The palmistry face in Chongqing really has this kind of situation in reality, but it is not simply caused by an environment. A person ’s complexion is related to the person ’s qi and blood. If the qi and blood are good, the five organs are harmonized, and the yin and yang are not lost. The five internal organs have five qualities, and they are mutually exclusive. There can be no problems in every link. If there is a problem, the operation of the human body will be blocked. If it is blocked, it will cause qi and blood disorder, and if it is not adjusted, it will cause qi failure. It appears gray and tinged.

In addition to the earth color, the surface is like a vegetable color, that is, cyan. In fact, cyan is the initial state of dark color. This problem is even more serious. When the cyan color is displayed, the blockage of internal air has been blocked for a long time. It means that there is a problem with the internal organs. If it is more severe to dark, the internal organs have been damaged, and the qi in the body has become chaotic and difficult to adjust.

What we need to make clear is that the “smallness” of palmistry is the relative smallness of a certain organ and part of a person ’s body and its adjacent parts, not the absolute smallness of comparison between two people. For example, a person with a large head has larger ears than a small person, but because of its large body, it may be a person with a small ear compared with the face. Similarly, a person with a small person may have a double face Big ears

The eyes are the windows of the soul. If the eyes are small, it means that people are more persistent and dedicated in doing things, but they also tend to be self-contained and conservative, and sometimes they do n’t think about the long-term when looking at things. They only look at the eyes, so there is a word "mouse" That means

Although people often say that girls' "cherry small mouths" are charming, those with large mouths also have a large amount of gas. If the mouth is too small, it is easy to lose conservativeness and introversion when dealing with others. The advantage is that you can keep secrets and not go around. Spreading the privacy of others, it is not easy to leak money, the disadvantage is that in all things consider more self-protection, less eager time, and easy to fall into a precarious situation, you should pay special attention.

Palmistry believes that their personality is relatively pessimistic, so they wear colored eyes to see the people around them. And they have a proud, arrogant personality, which can even be described by nobody in the eyes. It is difficult for such people to think of others and sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others.