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Feng Shui in Chongqing

Fengshui in Chongqing stores mainly looks at the "potential" is to see the ins and outs of the landscape, the ups and downs of the terrain, and the size of the overall pattern. Look at houses with "potential", not look at houses with "potential". The so-called general trend means that the general trend is stronger than the local one.

The "potential" in a modern city depends on its tall buildings, streets, overpasses, rail transit and so on. Also discuss the house with the pattern.

Looking at the "shape" is to look at the situation near a hundred meters (300 feet). The city uses buildings as mountains, roads as water, and trash cans, transformers, and rockery as "sand". Use electric poles, flag poles, corners of houses, and glass curtain walls as a stop.

The above valve is the most important, its door position and house direction must be kept the same. If the house is a Tianyuan dragon, the door should be opened in the position of the Tianyuan dragon, and the same is true for the man Yuanlong and the Diyuanlong. If you open the wrong door, something will happen.

Shop Feng Shui needs to pay attention to the change of the valve. When the gas gate is opened at the location of the city gate, you can get good luck, but if it is damaged, it is very unlucky, such as building a viaduct, building a tall building, demolishing a building, redirecting the street, and widening. Destroy the valve. In this case, the head of the household has no control. But there are some situations that can be avoided, such as stacking rockery in front of the gas valve, putting lions and so on. If a white water gas is accepted as a lucky gas, the water will be succumbed, and the auspicious gas will be doubled. At the same time, the gas of the earth and stone will enter, increasing the five yellow rust, causing eye disease, liver and kidney and kidney.

The exact position of the air port must be based on the center point of the house and extended to the position of the air port according to the nine-compartment dividing line. There are many types of air ports, and the pictures listed below are representative, and can be compared with others. In addition, we must pay attention to the relationship between the outer air port and the inner valve and the inner door. Some vents are accepting valves, but some are not.

In addition, the distance between the outside air and the house is the basis for judging the influence of the outside air. Generally speaking, the strength is near and far. But depending on its size, such as a mountain and a lake, the influence is great. But if it is a light pole or a fountain, it is far away, there will be no impact.

We know that the feng shui houses in the store are out of luck and the worse, the newer the better. If the houses built by the Fourth and Fifth Games are built, there is not much luck. What should I do? This needs to be renovated. If it is new and fortunate, if it is full of vigor and anger, it can continue to flourish after the decoration. If you feel angry or dead, you must find a way to change the door, otherwise you cannot use it. If the house has been exhausted, it should be abandoned. It is based on the sitting direction, not the door. Changing the door position will not help.