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Common Features Needed by Chongqing Fengshui Fortune-Teller

Fengshui fortune-telling in Chongqing has been common in all ages since ancient times. Zhao's Feng Shui Theory first proposed the concept of individual Feng Shui. For example, a piece of land, although it is possible to grow crops, the growth conditions will be very different. The paddy fields in the south are not suitable for planting wheat, and the dry land in the north is not suitable for planting rice. In the same way, the output of the same ear of rice seeds will be very different in different regions, so the ancients said, "Oranges are made from oranges and citrus aurantium". This is the uniqueness of Feng Shui --- individuality.

How to measure the uniqueness of people? I think the eight-character method passed down by the ancients is very reliable. Modern science has deciphered the human genetic code, which is the master of life. The eight-character method uses 10 days and 12 earth branches to record the space-time field at the time of the birth of life. It can also describe the process of life development, and find positive positive symbols (use God) and negative negative symbols (Jiao God).

Then match with the symbols on the astrolabe to strengthen the use of God, restrict God, and achieve a healthy, safe and wealthy situation. Public feng shui can be common, such as company office buildings, corporate plants, hotels, shopping malls, etc., but residential feng shui must be individual.

Feng Shui fortune-telling confirms the auspicious and fierce position of the house through the location of the gate. The bedroom, kitchen and living room are not suitable for the fierce position. The bedroom and kitchen are closely related to the health of the owner. If the bedroom is in a fierce position, the owner will have health problems such as insomnia and dreams. Wenchang bit is best to set up a study. Jiji should not set up dirty places such as toilets and warehouses. If the toilet is in the lucky position, it will affect the cause of business and love.

In the direction of opening the door, the desk should face the door or face the door sideways (but not directly facing the door, but stagger some), avoid sitting back to door, otherwise people will put their backs outside completely in the long run Dispersing a part of the energy to pay attention to the situation behind it is easy to cause inefficient work and psychosis.

The ancients used feng shui fortune-telling to record the time of the heavenly and earthly branches for more than 2,600 years. Li Xuzhong in the Tang Dynasty and Xu Ziping in the Song Dynasty created a method to deduce a person's good or bad fortune according to the time and place of birth. Each column is matched by a heavenly stem and an earth branch. There are eight characters in total, also known as the eight characters.