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How to combine Chongqing's birth name and name

The importance of our ancient sages to Chongqing ’s naming has long been taken seriously. "The Analects of Confucius" records Confucius ’words:" If the name is not correct, then the words are not correct; if the words are not correct, then things are not successful; No interest; no ritual or music, the criminal law is not in. "He raised the name to the height of governing the country and the state, which shows that the knowledge of the name has reached a considerable degree. "Shuowen" also contains Yin Wenzi's theory that "the name presupposes itself" and "the form is named by the name, and the name is decided by the matter". It is a pity that these important thoughts were fleeting, did not form a school of scholarship, did not form a scripture, and did not develop into a complete family of words. In fact, the following points must be considered when naming children:

First: Use the method of Zhouyi to find out the suitable Zhouyi hexagram for the baby. The name hexagram should play a role in mutual support and support. For example, it is auspicious, and it is auspicious to have a name like Qiangua or Kangua. Because the five elements of Qian Gua belong to gold, the five elements of Kan Gua belong to water, and the rats belong to water, and the five elements of Qian Gua belong to water.

Second: According to the eight characters of birth, find out the five elements of the god of happy use, and combine the god of happy use that everyone hits. The use of God is the five elements that play a key role. For example, if God is water, it is better not to use the word next to fire in the name, but it does not mean that you must bring the word next to the word water.

Third: give children a name style, boys should be masculine, girls should be gentle and elegant. That is to say, men must be like men, women must be like women.

To remember and change an ideal name, we must analyze the content of the five elements of qi that a person is born with. There are good and bad in these contents, there is prosperity and decline, there is balance and coordination, and there is too much. For those who are lucky, prosperous, and balance coordinator, people will be healthy, smooth, happy, and successful; while those who are violent, debilitating, and those who are too far away will be sick, frustrated, and suffering. Therefore, in the name, the former must be promoted and maintained, and the latter must be suppressed and eliminated. To put it in detail, it is to use the five elements of surname, first name, elephant, and number to supplement the five elements of qi that are needed and discarded, which is called the use of the spirit of God. Use the antenna of this human body to receive the auspicious information and energy in nature correctly, comprehensively and effectively.

Each name has its own five-element attribution. Most names themselves are not good or bad. The key to judging a good name is to determine which five-element needs to be adjusted according to the character of the person. If the five elements in it can just make up for its shortcomings, such a name can make people prefer to avoid evil. In fact, the process of naming according to the birth date is not as complicated as many people think. Traditional nomenclature believes that the eight-character of birth is "neutralization is precious", which is precisely the reason for the "yin and yang balance of the five elements" in the Book of Changes. That is, the four-post "neutralization" is the best from the perspective of numerology. If one of the eight characters and five elements is too strong or too weak, the whole will be out of balance, which will affect the fate of its people. However, the so-called "neutralization" octets are actually very few. Therefore, you can name them based on the birth octets, understand the strength of the five elements in the octets, and make up for them with the attributes of the name and the number of strokes. In order to achieve the best state of "neutralization".

Why do we need to combine the eight characters of birth date when we name and name? There are many people with the same name and surname in the world, but their lives do not experience the same because of the same name and surname. why? Because the eight-character information is different. From the perspective of general information theory, the specific time and space of each person's birth have an influence on life growth. This comprehensive effect of influence is a person's innate condition. As for the destiny of human beings, it is impossible to change the innate conditions, while names, feng shui, and reading are acquired conditions, which can be changed. For example, taking a good name that fits numerology is equivalent to adding to your own destiny!

When some parents name their babies, they think that the name is just a name symbol, as long as they feel pleasant and have good meaning. If you put aside the easy-to-learn factor and analyze it from the perspective of an ordinary person, it is right and necessary to start with a name that sounds good and has good meaning. However, the name is accompanied by the life of a person, and it is inseparable and belongs to an inseparable part of ourselves , But the luck of the five elements of the name will have a certain impact on the luck of a lifetime. Let's put it this way, since birth time, which is what we usually say, this can determine the luck of life, so the name is the same, it will also affect people's luck.

In short, if a person has a destiny, the congenital character is indeed unchangeable (unless the best combination of year, month and day is selected before labor, and the doctor performs a cesarean section), and the name and name are formed by the day after tomorrow, so It can be said that the mathematical influence of names can change fate. Names that are suitable for bazi have a higher success rate, and names that are not suitable for bazi have a higher failure rate, so parents, do n’t underestimate the name of the child, if you want a good name, you must take it at birth to avoid changing your name in the future. And bring inconvenience.